Installer failing to install bootloader

Hello, i've just got a new notebook and i went straight up to install manjaro in it. Beforehand, i never had any problems with the system in my older notebook, but in my new one the installer hangs up at the bootloader installation process. The rest of the system is usable, and the installer isnt frozen.

Any insights on how to solve this issue?

Use this.

Problem fixed!

Little guide in case anyone go trough this again:

My system wasn't broken, so just making a clean grub installation was more than enough to make it work again.

Still, i have 2 questions: Is there any reason why Calamares would fail a bootloader installation? Currently i'm using a dell insipiron 15 7580 in a Windows 10 dual boot. Previously i used a HP notebook in the same configuration and never ran into any problems with a bootloader (except the times i messed with it).

Question 2: in @gohlip tutorial to reinstall the bootloader, i noticed there was some alternate options to grub, namely grub-vanilla (used in the tutorial), and grub-common, as seen in manjaro's repository. What is the difference between those 2? Grub-common is the one installed with Calamares?

Anyway, thanks so much for the help, really appreciate :smiley:

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