Installer stuck at 22% for an hour

I'm trying to install gnome 18 its stuck in 22% for the last 1 hour
is that normal?

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Without knowing the hardware information, if you checked the ISO, how you prepared the live media from that ISO, how you boot (UEFI or Legacy), free or nonfree drivers, did you disabled Secure Boot/Fast Boot, how you created the partitions ...

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yes secure boot is disabled
created the partitions in win 10
chose the partition in manjaro while dual booting
downloaded the iso direct from site
burnt into and usb stick using balena etcher
im dual booting with win 10

So did your installation run good? that you can dual booting?

If you have trouble with the current release please use 18.1.0-pre2 which got released today. It includes the latest version of all packages.

Link here if you doesn't find it [Testing] Manjaro Gnome 18.1.0 Juhraya pre2 ISO

no its getting stuck

Something maybe was wrong in the ISO try the new one Manjaro Gnome 18.1.0 Juhraya pre2

So, what partitions did you created and where do you install the BOOT loader ?

its surprising how they say there are * torrent file available in the website but there's no such file
this problem is occuring when im doing direct download can anyone help me with the gnome torrent file?

no torrent file in the website

You can also use Torrents (klick here) to download Manjaro.

thats not a link

no option for that in gnome
only in xfce

That's not going to work. Windows 10 can't create Linux partitions, so make sure you recreate (or at least reformat) them during that installation step.

You also need to make sure you have the correct partition layout for a UEFI boot.

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im ok with creating partitions the problem is with iso file
the torrent file isnt available on the website cant understand why
direct download is bringing down corrupt iso files

The tracker went down several months ago so the torrent files aren't available via that link.

If this is the case then you're going to have difficulty updating your system even if you get it installed. You should probably look at why your connection is corrupting these files.

ok i get you
but how come there's torrent file for xfce but not for gnome?

Let me think about that for you.

In the meantime, how about we move on to something more productive?


ya sure!!

How do you know the images are being corrupted that you are downloading. Did they fail the hash checks. Perhaps you should consider checking your ram and hard drive for errors, as perhaps your hardware is failing.

I recently had this problem, spent days searching forums and online sites, and eventually figured out it was a problem with my USB drive. I purchased a new one, flashed the same ISO, and it installed without a hitch...

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