Installer stuck at Started TLP

I'm trying to install Manjaro 17.0.1 KDE for the first time on my laptop but I cannot start to run it from a live USB because the installer gets stuck at "Started TLP system startup/shutdown".
My laptop is an MSI i5 6300 HQ with a Nvidia 940MX GPU and Intel HD graphics.
I searched this issue on google I believe this has got something to do with my Nvidia drivers.
I tried the same setup on another PC with integrated graphics and it worked fine.
I tried selecting non free drivers but still no luck.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

When you get stuck you can switch to another TTY by Ctrl+Alt+F2, log in with "manjaro" "manjaro", run nano /var/log/Xorg.0.log, save the contents somewhere and post it later.

@eugen-b Ctrl+Alt+F2 does not work in this case. As a matter of fact, the only way I can use the computer again is by manually shutting it off by pressing the power button for a few seconds

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You can try switching into discrete card in your BIOS settings...

I read this thread before and saw you helping out others with the same issue @thefallenrat . Glad you saw this :slight_smile:

I went through all the options in the BIOS menu but I couldn't find one where I can switch my gpu to discrete mode. What do I do?

I'm sorry, I don't know the other way besides BIOS settings...

But I could suggest you using 17.0.2 preview iso or maybe Architect iso...

My Idea would be then to consider installing with manjaro-architect in the terminal.

  • You can boot with any Manjaro live USB to terminal only mode by passing 3 as boot parameter. (If you need explanation on how to do it feel free to ask.)
  • Then log in, run nmtui if you need a WiFi connection, install manjaro-architect and start it. You can find a tutorial here:
    Installation with Manjaro-Architect ISO
  • After installing the system you hopefully will be able to boot to graphical desktop, otherwise you will need to modify what is in /etc/X11/mhwd.d/

Trying not the preview ISO as fallenrat suggest but the newer -rc2 ISO would be a worthwile idea as well.

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Actually the link that I posted before shows 17.0.2-rc2 as one of the preview releases...

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Ah, you're right! Great suggestion!

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As bandwidth and time are both limited resources for me right now, I need to choose whether I should try one of your options or hop to some other distro. I really want to try Manjaro though. Would trying the preview release work?

Seeing that you were having limited bandwidth. I suggest you to follow @eugen-b steps using manjaro-architect with your current live USB, as this is the only best option right now...

It is not sure that he will have a running graphical system after installing with manjaro-architect.

I would suggest to search for the graphics card model on this forum to find out if it works and maybe ask the user.

I found user that has simliar problem ( Started TLP system startup/shutdown ), but managed to installed manjaro successfully by using manjaro-architect ..

Try follow this guide :

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This search also gives some results. Most of them suggest that Manjaro works with this card.
So, manjaro-architect would be my recommendation, too.
To save bandwidth @dave.sohan you can select a minimal version of a DE, kde-minimal profile is definitely available.

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Recently I have come across with this problem.and I have solved it by switching the boot option to uefi(my laptop is dell inspire),might be an answer to someone who tried those tips above and still get stucked.

This didn't help here. Have a Lenovo Amd Ryzen Pro (Thinkpad - A485) - Stuck with Manjaro 17 latest (TP start / shutdown) - with Manjar0 18 Beta - tried the suggested settings too - no chance with the RC1 -> black screen ....

How can I provide more information on this to get it fixed?


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