Installer stuck at "Waiting 8 modules" section

Hi. I just made bootable usb with Manjaro - Gnome. (manjaro-gnome-20.0.2-200531-linux56.iso). I have checked sha1sum and file is not corrupted. I made bootable usb with dd. Then i booted my main machine (PC, Intel Core 2 Duo, nvidia geforce 9500gt, 4gb ddr2 ram, 148gb hdd, previus distro: kubuntu) with this usb. But installer is stuck at "Waiting 8 modules (xxx seconds)". but live OS is working perfect. I tried offline, online, from differen usb slots. Additionally, when i exit installation and start again, it is not starting installer. In some threads people say it is bug. But i tried same usb on my weak laptop ( AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 1632MB) it passes waiting modules section. Please help, i want to use Manjaro and it's features. Thanks.

Hello and welcome to the forums.
Try Using Ventoy for the USB drive

All right, i will try out. Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Typically, reason is incompatible hardware. But you can also try formatting drive manually with gparted. In most cases, it will solve problems. That is why they put gparted on live usb.

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