Installing Anbox with Google play store on Arch Linux made easy

This link helps in integrating manjaro and reborn packages to run anbox ando also google playstore with it.

I would strongly recommend against following these instructions for Manjaro. This brings the entire reborn repo into Manjaro. That repo is intended for an Arch base. However, Manjaro, while based on Arch, has it's own repos.

It is one thing to bring a small targeted repo with minimal risk. It is wholly another to bring in a general purpose repo with nearly 250 packages in it.

This will likely result in a broken system in the future.


Good one.your comment to be respected in terms of security.

sudo ./

this installs the playstore.

That will create files in the system untracked by pacman. If you want the Play Store in Anbox, install anbox-image-gapps from the AUR. I'm the current maintainer and based my additions on that script.

Also, the Reborn OS repo is not hosted on a secure server, I would not recommend adding it.

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