Installing drivers for Canon Pixma G2400

---Hi, not sure of the commands needed but was hoping for a step by step guide to install my printer thats a Canon Pixma G2400

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First of all, what desktop environment are you using, and do you have manjaro-printer installed?

Also, have you read this section of the Manjaro Wiki?

I have just installed it and it doesnt seem to detect it

Are you using Add Printer in Print Settings? I've got a Canon MG5750, and it detects it best on first installation just after I've switched the printer on and it has connected to the network. So, try the good old fashioned turning it off and on again.

PS I note that Canon do not supply Linux drivers for this particular model.

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You could also try installing cnijfilter2 from the AUR.

Canon PIXMA MG5750

Yes, that's my printer. He is looking to install the Pixma G2400.

Awesome, how do I do that as am still unable to connect thru print settings or CUPS

Have a look here
and here

I am sorry, my mistake

Canon PIXMA G2400

Unfortunately your device is no longer supported under the selected operating system



When going through the troubleshoot for the Printer setting it identifies the printer but when I try to connect it gives me the message belowScreenshot_2018-05-23_18-52-45

And when I try to type it in the terminal, this is what it gives meScreenshot_2018-05-23_19-27-25

a file was created " troubleshoot-log.txt "
open this with an editor

nano troubleshoot-log.txt

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