Installing KDE Plasma + Cinnamon on Arch Linux

Anyone here running Plasma and Cinnamon (or a combination of any Qt and GTK+ desktops such as Deepin + Gnome) on a single Arch Linux install? Any issues or bugs with package conflicts, wake from suspend, etc.?

Mixing DEs is more or less identical between Arch and Manjaro if you don't use the Manjaro settings packages.

There is no problem with mixing gt and qtk DEs.

The complications come up when the DEs have overlapping files inside your home directory. You can avoid that by using separate user accounts.

If you don't want to use separate users you either have to deal with the minor complications that will pop-up when you switch DEs or pick DEs which are fully compatible.

I don't know if I have ever tried mixing plasma and cinnamon but I suspect that would work reasonably well.

Deepin is much more difficult to mix. It is already a hybrid gtk/qt DE and it doesn't always play well with others.

You shouldn't have package conflicts or other major issues but you may have a myriad of smaller issues. I used to mix DEs quite heavily and here are the types of things I would see pretty regularly.

  • Multiple copies of something. An example would be multiple BT managers running.
  • Theming problems. Theming from one DE breaking theming from another.
  • Deepin breaking almost anything it is combined with and vice-versa.

The issues are usually minor and can be dealt with so it is more about your personal tolerance for dealing with them.

I don't really do it anymore because I just don't find it to be worth it. Whenever there was any issue I had to determine if it was a bug or because I was mixing DEs.

These days, I either use multiple machines or VMs when I want to play with alternative DEs.


Now, that's some thorough mixing! :wink:

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So how would I go about doing this? Installing Arch with Plasma on my first user account, setting up a second user account, logging onto that account, then installing Cinnamon on that account?

  1. Install arch+plasma.
  2. Install cinnamon
  3. Create second account
  4. Login to cinnamon with second account

The only thing that really matters is that you never log into plasma with the first account and never login to cinnamon with the second.

I tested this out using the Calam-Arch GUI installer in VirtualBox. It seems that as long as I'm not using Plasma apps / themes on the Cinnamon desktop and vice versa, then I should be OK with one login account. And it seems that Calam-Arch is the easiest and most noob-ish way to install Arch, though the end result is still the standard Arch install with added desktop environments and printer support out of the box. :stuck_out_tongue:

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