Installing Mailspring on Manjaro/KDE

I am trying to install Mailspring on Manjaro.
I have tried using snap to install it, and also used pamac to get it from AUR.

Both yield the same problem, trying to start MailSpring results in an error message like this:

Mailspring could not store your password securely. Make sure you have libsecret installed and a keyring present,

Ive tried installing libsecret using pamac, but that did not seem to help.
Anyone have any idea what this can be?

If you have a look at the troubleshooting section of mailspring you see that it requires gnome-keyring for the password manager functionality:

It is listed as an optional dependency in the AUR:
There is also a comment on this on the AUR-page.

So you need to install gnome-keyring

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