Installing Manjaro alongside Windows on a separate drive7

I want to install Manjaro alongside Windows 10 (dual boot).
Windows was already installed on the SSD (250 GB) and Windows has also access to the other drive (HDD, 1000 GB).
The HDD is now empty and I want to use it completely for Manjaro.

I disabled secure boot and fast boot. So with the Live-USB I have read and write access to both drives.

What should I do now?
Automatic installation on the HDD? Or manual installation?
Where should the boot manger be, on the SSD or HDD? MBR or GPT? Many questions..

I hope someone can help or can suggest a site.

(Edit: It's a laptop, the guarantee is not expired, I don't like to unplug a drive for installation.)
(Edit2: The solution was in post #2, of @kresimir. I just installed Manjaro on the whole HDD. It wasn't necessary to unplug the SDD.)

I haven't used Windows since Win7, but I think this will work: unplug the Windows drive, install Manjaro normally on the other drive and then plug back the Windows drive. This way, both drives will have their EFI partitions. Then you can choose from which drive to boot, every time you boot (not from the Grub menu, but from the BIOS/UEFI menu, I believe by holding F12 key during boot). Windows probably won't see the Manjaro drive, but Manjaro will see the Windows drive, which is as it should be.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. If it does not work, perhaps someone who knows more about Windows can help you.

Thanks, but it's on my laptop and my guarantee is not expired.

Well, it's not really necessary to unplug the Windows drive, it's just makes it foolproof when installing Manjaro.

You can paritition that drive like this:
100 MiB for EFI partition,
200 - 300 GiB for /
the rest for /home.
(don't bother making a swap partition, you can make a swap file later).

And just install Manjaro normally to it.

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If you have installed Windows in UEFI mode on an UEFI PC, use GPT. If you installed Windows in Legacy/CSM mode on an UEFI PC use a GPT, too. If you use a Legacy BIOS PC, use MBR.
I recommend installing the bootmanager on the SDD. And set in the BIOS/UEFI the SDD as the bootdrive (before the HDD).
If you use an UEFI PC all boot related stuff goes into the ESP (EFI System Partition) which is the first partition of your boot drive.
Automatic partitioning is ok, if there is no more space left on the SDD for further partitions. (If there is space left, the automatic partitioning will probably put some of your Linux files on the SDD, which is not what you want.)


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But then you have no benefit of having separate drives for the two OSs and Windows will still occasionally take over the entire EFI System Partition and you'll have to repair Grub from time to time.

What's wrong with having an EFI System Partition on each drive, and just choosing which one boots in the BIOS/UEFI menu?

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Yes, you are right ESP on both drives is probably a more robust solution.


  1. Is the mount point of EFI: /boot/efi?
  2. After the installation how can I choose the drive?

Yes, I had several problems in the past (it was one drive), after updates in windows or linux.

  1. Yes

  2. a) You can type in Linux:
    findmnt -s
    And you should see how the partitions are mounted.

b) In Windows you probably can't access the Linux drive due to the Non-Windows filesystem.

Or did you mean how to choose the bootdrive? If you have an ESP in both drives, use the BIOS/UEFI to select the bootdrive. (If you only have an ESP in the first drive, then you can choose the drive/OS from the bootmenu.)

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It's done.

I didn't expect that it will work so easy. Boot manager, manjaro and windows are fine.

Just two small things:

  1. the first start of manjaro was really slow and I got this notification " '/' is not responding":
    But the next start was without any problems.
  2. Windows has a question mark at directory 'D:'. But it doesn't disturb.
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Thanks, I've just answered.

This "Filesystem mounted at '/' is not responding" message is a bit strange and disturbing, but if it stopped showing up, then I wouldn't worry about it.

As I said: Just at the first start. I hope it will remain so.

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