Installing Manjaro Gaming Edition But need help partitioning


So I have a 440 ssd mv2 and manjaro is asking me what mounting point and esp thing

can any one help

thank u

Manjaro gaming edition? That must be a 3rd party spin, can you provide a link?

Might be ?

Could be, there are quite a few things called the gaming edition which was why I wanted a link.

For example, those mgame ISOs are too old at this point and the maintainer seems to be no longer maintaining it.

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Yes that the one

See my comments above. Updating from a version that old will be very difficult.

I would recommend installing one of the official versions of Manjaro from here:

Ok I dont mind but Because its old it wont install?

or why ?

Manjaro gets harder to update the longer you wait between updates. That is one of the reasons that new ISOs are constantly being released.

You are basically trying to apply a couple of years worth of updates at once. That will be difficult with many package replacements and special handling required. Additionally, there was an update to pacman and package formats. This happened over time to make the transition safe but that transition is now over.


Will i do like the XFC so i will stick with that

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so i Partitioned 4 30gb

so i want to install windows on one partion and manjaro on an other

any help thanks

What size has your SSD?

440 420

440 420 apples, pears ?

I Know

I tried to edit it wont let me because to short


If you have an existing Windows installation on the first SSD, then you should install Manjaro on the second one.

Read through the guide here:


If you want to have a separate /home partition, then you have to use manual partitioning during installation.

Found the problem

i was stuck here



You need:

  1. /boot/efi -> if there is an existing Windows 10 installation, then you can set the /boot/efi partition from Win to that of Manjaro without formatting it.
  2. /boot ~1GB I recommend using ext4 for all partitions without /boot/efi
  3. swap ~size of RAM
  4. / (root) 50 GB ext4
  5. /home remaining space on the SSD.

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