Installing manjaro in a place of ubuntu

I have W10 and ubuntu and grub. I want to install manjaro on Ubuntu partitions, but format them first. Will grub remains after that? Or manjaro will install a new grub?

The proper way to do it would be to install a new grub. The Calamares installer of the distro would take care of it, both formatting partitions and installing grub to the proper place, don't worry.

You only have to have in mind a couple steps regarding the EFI mountpoint of your existing Windows 10 installation, but it is all explained here in this great guide:

Make sure to back up your stuff before replacing Ubuntu, nothing will be saved!

This highly depends on your hardware and UEFI implementation. Make sure you plow your ubuntu partition with win10 diskmanager and after this remove the ubuntu directory from the efi partition. reboot at least on more time back to win10 to make sure everything works to this point.

You will need Manjaro grub to boot Manjaro.

If you have never installed Manjaro before create a virtualbox VM, install Ubuntu into it, take a backup snapshot, and install Manjaro over the top of it.

Nothing like practice before blowing away a bare metal system, learn and make your mistakes in a virtual environment ... then backup your bare metal Ubuntu and proceed replacing with Manjaro.

You can practice with Calamares and / or Manjaro-Architect, which is also packaged on live ISOs.

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  1. Important! back up your data!
  2. Calamares can replace Ubuntu for you with little trouble.
  3. Calamares will also set up grub for you, so that manjaro and w10 will both boot.

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