Installing Manjaro KDE on a already installed windows 10 Lenovo idealpad s340

I am a complete beginner when it comes to installing a new OS since I have never done so. I wanted to install Manjaro KDE on my laptop but whenever I try to click the installer it says there are no partitions available.

Any ideas on what I can do to solve this?

Do you have time to solve broken systems, do you have backup of your data?
First you need to make room on your Windows SSD by shrinking it. Then you can install Manjaro but you have to be very careful when installing it, one wrong click and you will wipe out all your data and Windows. I would suggest install virtual box under Windows and there you can try to install Manjaro.

OK, so I have a partition of my SSD already but when I use the live version of it in a USB it doesn't detect any partitions, I've been stuck in this part for several hours and I just have no clue on what to do exactly.

At what stage of the installer are you seeing this issue? Are you able to provide screenshots of the issue?

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