Installing Manjaro on hp omen 2018

Hey I have hp omen 15 2018 model and I have downloaded latest manjaro gnome and then

  1. I have made bootable usb using rufus in dd image.
  2. Went to boot and setting driver to intel and nouveau.modeset = 0 I was able to boot into installation mdeium and all installation goes well.
    When I restart the system it gets stuck at the boot saying some issue userId 120 and freezes there any solution

Install non-free drivers after booting up for first time.

After installation it won't boot

is GDM.
Have a look a similar HW issues

Edit: It seems this laptop is "difficult" to install properly.
Maybe on your boot to the installed Manjaro, add the grub parameter again and collect any error logs and info for your system.

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