Installing manjaro xfce in old windows tablet "wintab"

I am not able to boot to usb to start the installation. How can i install it ?

Any particular reason why not giving a link to the product page or at least a model/manufacturer name? Seriously, if you expect help, at least you can give that.
Wintab is a software driver for Windows computers that have digitizing tablets connected. That information is as generic an information can be and are countless models using that, but is relevant only for Windows OS. You are member of this forum long enough to know how to provide good information, but if you can't give that, at least a model name. :slight_smile:

Sorry for not providing full specification of tab, so here it is
This tab is actually not ment for windows 10.
How can i install manjaro in it (sdcard or usb drive).
Eager to know solution Friend.

this is a bay trail cpu?
I believe they require a 32-bit EFI boot despite being 64bit device

Manjaro does not support 32bit
But there are other distributions that still do

Bro I just want to convert it to linux desktop even 32bit tell me how i can do that?

i did a websearch for you on "linux bay trail tablet" and found this:

So appears you should look for Something from Ububtu or Fedora

So, there was a company that actually made a Tablet that runs Windows, and uses the wintab protocol driver ... and they call it WinTab ... oh, is like someone will build a Car that runs on Gas and they would call it CarGas. Anyway, see this:

and this

There's now a newer image here:


Somehow i missed that and didn't know about it. Thanks for sharing!!! Hopefully the OP will do a test and report back :slight_smile:

Sorry for repelying very late, i tried to install manjaro 32 bit but it hangs at this pointIMG_20190109_110124
hoping for some positive response.

The [drm:intel_compute_dsi_pll [i915]] *ERROR* DSI CLK Out of range is related to the kernel AFAIK and i have no idea if setting i915.modeset=0 or nomodeset kernel parameters at boot will help or not. By doing that you disable Kernel mode setting and instead let the X server handle the modesetting, and it might pass to GUI and let you install.
You will have to do the same after install and the make it permanent (if works).

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