Installing new deepin desktop alongside my existing Xfce environment.

I would like to check out deepin desktop and thought the safest and quickest way would be installing deepin desktop alongside my existing Xfce environment. I would prefer to not have to install a new deepin OS if I can help it.

I found what looks like very good instructions on...

I already have Xfce installed and currently use, so these steps look like a good way to check out the look and feel of deepin desktop

But the last terminal command puzzled me, it says...

Create a new user for the new desktop environment

sudo useradd -mG lp,network,power,sys,wheel
sudo passwd

I thought as I already used Manjaro Xfce, then my existing user would be good enough. Why is it necessary to create a new user just for an alternative desktop environment? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for any help.

The Risks of Using Multiple DEs

Installing multiple DEs is not without risks. Here are some things that can pop-up when running more than one DE:

  • The settings packages overlap so you can only have one DE pre-configured with the Manjaro theming. The others will need to have the theming applied manually.
  • You can end up with more than one instance of similar applications. For example, it is common to end up with 2 Bluetooth managers. It takes some tweaking to get a single manager working in multiple DEs
  • Sometimes two different DEs will share the same configuration files causing strange things to happen, especially with theming

These risks are greatly reduced by using a different user account for each DE.

In summary, running multiple DEs is possible and a great way to enjoy Manjaro but it requires a willingness to troubleshoot and work through minor problems. If you are the type of person who wants everything to "just work" out of the box, running multiple DEs might not be for you.

I would personally make a Timeshift snapshot of my current install or an image of my system partition to have my back covered before proceeding to install a new desktop.


Please read this first... :arrow_down:


Thanks Marte, for your quick reply. the machine I was intending to use is not my daily driver so I won't be risking too much to do this tbh.

I am willing to troubleshoot if I hit any problems. Also I will learn a bit about having more than one user on my system.

I think I'll give it a go and see how I get on. Thanks again for the advice and the link provided.

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You are welcome and enjoy your experiment!


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hi Aragorn, just saw your post. I will have a look at the links you provided. It certainly is food for thought.

I would have preferred to avoid installing deepin as a separate OS since I have read some negative reports about how wise it was to use an OS that is developed in China. There could be security risks involved although I don't know how valid these concerns are tbh.

I'll read the links you provided and will decide then which way to go. Thanks again for your comments.

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Well, the security risks have been blown out of proportion. There was indeed a privacy issue for a while, but the Deepin OS developers have remedied that. More information at the Wikipedia page below. :slight_smile:

Deepin Store gathered statistics in the past

While deepin was accused in 2018 of containing spyware through the use of statistics software within their App Store, the company made an official statement clarifying that it did not and would not collect private user information. According to Deepin, CNZZ is a website similar to Google Analytics that collects user-anonymous usage information such as the screen size, browser and other "harmless" browser user agent information. Further stating that "CNZZ analyzed how the Deepin store was being used, in order to improve it."

On July 20 2018, Deepin removed CNZZ statistics collection from the Deepin App Store website due to the backlash.

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