Installing Windows 10 alongside Manjaro

I have Manjaro KDE alone installed on my laptop. I would like to install Windows 10 alongside it for some other software - VM isn't good enough. There is only a single drive - no partitions.

System is UEFI.

Can someone hold my hand through the process?

Thank you in advance!

No holding hands while typing. Windows should be installed first anyway, but might be doable either way.
There are already a few posts regarding this, and linked tutorials to them, with fixing issues regarding the boot.
Here is a tutorial:

Here are a few how to solve issues:

To keep things simple, and prevent messing up either system, keep the two systems apart.

I have my Manjaro system on a USB 3.0 external HDD. It works fine. When I want to use Windows, I use the BIOS boot menu. Maybe Windows could be installed externally as well.

Regarding messing up a system, well, I installed Manjaro on my wife's laptop, which has Win 10 on it. Manjaro worked fine, until after a Windows update, Manjaro was not accessible. No GRUB, nothing. It seems to me that dual boot can be double trouble, either rebuilding MBRs or GRUB.

Since 2005 or something i didn't had windows on my personal rigs ... so not only i keep them apart from install perspective, but from space-time perspective :slight_smile:
Anyway, hopefully your feedback will be considered by the OP! Well said!

Ah-ha. I think I clicked the wrong 'reply' button, replying to your post rather than the general thread.

Like some of the others have noted; the easiest and least risky side-by-side install is when you use one HD per OS. I always remove the DVD from laptops and replace it with a caddy+SSD on which I install manjaro. (I usually also shrink the Windows partition and create an encrypted partition with Veracrypt for data that can be accessed from Win and Linux).
Dual booting on one HD does not go wrong often, but when it does it usually happens at a bad time and takes a lot of hassle to set straight. Whereas one OS per drive has not gone wring at all for me.

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