Installing Windows 10 for dual boot AFTER installing Manjaro?

I am currently running Manjaro KDE and want to also be able to boot into Windows 10 for certain apps. I have tried using VM, but I did not get the performance or experience I was hoping for. Is it possible to install Windows alongside my current Manjaro installation?

I am using a Vaio laptop with UEFI, if that makes any difference. Any help is appreciated!

Yes. Just make sure you install all OS's in the same mode.
That is, all OS's in uefi/gpt or all in bios-legacy/msdos.

If you don't know what these are, please read thoroughly before attempting dual-boot.

And... after installing windows with an existing linux OS (any linux OS), windows will wipe off the 'mbr' or $esp causing the linux OS to be not bootable. BUT you can fix that back. In manjaro, it can be done with this. Read this for additional notes (but I think I need to edit this latter link again for simplicity - later). So use the first link to help and the second link for additional information.



Certainly because your machine isn't powerfull enough (or windows too greedy...), but windows in VM with a shared repertory configured* on a ntfs common/datas partition is imho a good way to avoid all future multiboot win/linux/UEFI/grub worries even if @gholip almost always solves them ! :slight_smile:

*: That honestly I haven't tested with a virtual redmondia windows, but which theoretically should work...


technically @zoglover is correct, regarding performance.

When you're running an OS within and OS and maintaining a FileSystem within a FileSystem, not to mention sharing a limited drive i/o rate, ... then realistically, Win10 in a VM will never be the same performance, and neither will any other OS, no matter what, and most especially on a low-spec'd machine.

However, VM's are by nature, a powerful conevnience factor, for all kinds of other reasons.

I agree, and I do acknowledge that my hardware was likely the culprit.

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