Installing windows 8.1 after Manjaro on same SSD

Probably asked 100 times. I am having a manjaro installation on my ssd. Not UEFI/EFI on purpose. I want to install Win8.1 (gaming related). Always did it the other way around. So I think I should

Shrink the root partition on my ssd. Can I do it while booted from Manjaro? After that install Windows. But how do I restore grub?
Silly me forgot to mention I want to dual boot manjaro and win 8.1 :confused:

Best you use gparted (on another disk, like usb or gparted livecd) to shrink or resize.
Get partitions ready before installing any OS, especially windows.
After setting up partitions ready, boot to manjaro again to make sure it is still bootable. :grinning:
After installing windows, your grub will be lost.

But use this to get back your manjaro grub. Step 6 with update-grub will get your windows into grub.

Good luck.



Just a suggestion, You may not be able to do this. Buy a second SSD, and install windows on it, then add it to grub or grub will pick it up when you do a update of grub. Save you alot of hassle and if something goes wrong, You won't lose the working OS.

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