Installing windows alongide my Manajaro installation

Hello, i have Manjaro installed and i want to install windows without having to destroy my current installation. Should i just use GParted to create a partition for windows? Or should i do more steps before doing it?

The only way to get Windows next to a Linux distro is to start with Windows and then Linux. That way you get the Grub bootloader to find both OS'es so you can start both.
Installing Windows later will overwrite Grub with the Windows loader which does not recognize your Linux distro.
You could have found this all over the internet as well as here in the forum cause it has been written about many times already. Study first before you do something.

An addition to @DeMus answer is the issue that the Windows installer will not install unless installing on first partition so a second install of Windows is almost impossible.

If you system has the power for it, and it is suitable for your needs - use a VirtualBox installation of Windows.

Sadly, i need it for gaming purposes. unless vbox gives me an option pass my gpu through it, it sounds out my option :frowning:

It obviously is not :frowning_face: which is exactly why I chosed that exact wording of my comment. :slight_smile:

So reinstalling you are?

EDIT: there might be a way to install Windows secondly if you have more than one physical disc. This will require you to do some grub fixing afterwards.

The most straight forward method is a reformat - windows install - manjaro install

it seems to be the case. gladfully, i made a fresh install a bit ago, so the reinstall shouldn't be agonising

No, you can install in any partition, and in a msdos partition, the windows boot has to be in primary partition (not necessary the first one) and the 'root' can be in an extended partition.

If uefi, best to have a separate $esp (EFI) partition.

But if (in msdos/bios-legacy) you happen to install windows after installing manjaro, you can get back manjaro's bootloader by using the [Simple First Start] here.

If uefi, just boot manjaro at the bios uefi firmware and make it the default again by the efibootmgr command or by the bios firmware itself.
sudo efibootmgr -o xxxx,yyyy

Go ahead. Good luck. Cheers.

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