Intel 82599ES - Dual wired NIC's not working (driver ixgbe)

I have two eth: eth0 and eth1. Both eths cannot have any ip shown in eth0/1 if I use ip a command.
Here is some ethtool output:

ethtool -i eth0:

driver: ixgbe
version: 4.2.1-k
firmware-version: 0x800006da
bus-info: 0000:01:00.0
supports-statistics: yes
supports-test: yes
supports-eeprom-access: yes
supports-register-dump: yes
supports-priv-flags: no

eth -k eth0:

Features for eth0:
rx-checksumming: on
tx-checksumming: on
	tx-checksum-ipv4: on
	tx-checksum-ip-generic: off [fixed]
	tx-checksum-ipv6: on
	tx-checksum-fcoe-crc: on [fixed]
	tx-checksum-sctp: on
scatter-gather: on
	tx-scatter-gather: on
	tx-scatter-gather-fraglist: off [fixed]
tcp-segmentation-offload: on
	tx-tcp-segmentation: on
	tx-tcp-ecn-segmentation: off [fixed]
	tx-tcp6-segmentation: on
udp-fragmentation-offload: off [fixed]
generic-segmentation-offload: on
generic-receive-offload: on
large-receive-offload: off
rx-vlan-offload: on
tx-vlan-offload: on
ntuple-filters: off
receive-hashing: on
highdma: on [fixed]
rx-vlan-filter: on [fixed]
vlan-challenged: off [fixed]
tx-lockless: off [fixed]
netns-local: off [fixed]
tx-gso-robust: off [fixed]
tx-fcoe-segmentation: on [fixed]
tx-gre-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-ipip-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-sit-segmentation: off [fixed]
tx-udp_tnl-segmentation: off [fixed]
fcoe-mtu: off [fixed]
tx-nocache-copy: off
loopback: off [fixed]
rx-fcs: off [fixed]
rx-all: off
tx-vlan-stag-hw-insert: off [fixed]
rx-vlan-stag-hw-parse: off [fixed]
rx-vlan-stag-filter: off [fixed]
l2-fwd-offload: off
busy-poll: on [fixed]

ethtool -g eth0

Ring parameters for eth0:
Pre-set maximums:
RX:		4096
RX Mini:	0
RX Jumbo:	0
TX:		4096
Current hardware settings:
RX:		128
RX Mini:	0
RX Jumbo:	0
TX:		512

ethtool -d eth0:

0x042A4: LINKS (Link Status register)                 0x39080000
       Link Status:                                   down
       Link Speed:                                    10G
0x05080: FCTRL (Filter Control register)              0x00000400
       Broadcast Accept:                              enabled
       Unicast Promiscuous:                           disabled
       Multicast Promiscuous:                         disabled
       Store Bad Packets:                             disabled
0x04294: MFLCN (TabMAC Flow Control register)         0x00000000
       Receive Flow Control Packets:                  disabled
       Discard Pause Frames:                          disabled
       Pass MAC Control Frames:                       disabled
       Receive Priority Flow Control Packets:         disabled
0x05088: VLNCTRL (VLAN Control register)              0x40008100
       VLAN Mode:                                     disabled
       VLAN Filter:                                   enabled
0x02100: SRRCTL0 (Split and Replic Rx Control 0)      0x02000402
       Receive Buffer Size:                           2KB
0x03D00: FCCFG (Flow Control Configuration)           0x00000000
       Transmit Flow Control:                         disabled
       Priority Flow Control:                         disabled
0x04240: HLREG0 (Highlander Control 0 register)       0x08002FFF
       Transmit CRC:                                  enabled
       Receive CRC Strip:                             enabled
       Jumbo Frames:                                  enabled
       Pad Short Frames:                              enabled
       Loopback:                                      disabled
0x00000: CTRL        (Device Control)                 0x00000000
0x00008: STATUS      (Device Status)                  0x00080004
0x00018: CTRL_EXT    (Extended Device Control)        0x10010000
0x00020: ESDP        (Extended SDP Control)           0x000008F1
0x00028: EODSDP      (Extended OD SDP Control)        0x0000000F
0x00200: LEDCTL      (LED Control)                    0x05040100
0x00048: FRTIMER     (Free Running Timer)             0x06969955
0x0004C: TCPTIMER    (TCP Timer)                      0x00000000
0x10010: EEC         (EEPROM/Flash Control)           0x003FC718
0x10014: EERD        (EEPROM Read)                    0x010A1736
0x1001C: FLA         (Flash Access)                   0x00000008
0x10110: EEMNGCTL    (Manageability EEPROM Control)   0x80000196
0x10114: EEMNGDATA   (Manageability EEPROM R/W Data)  0xFFFF0000
0x10118: FLMNGCTL    (Manageability Flash Control)    0xC0000000
0x1011C: FLMNGDATA   (Manageability Flash Read Data)  0x00000000
0x10120: FLMNGCNT    (Manageability Flash Read Count) 0x00000000
0x1013C: FLOP        (Flash Opcode)                   0x00006252
0x10200: GRC         (General Receive Control)        0x00000001
0x00800: EICR        (Extended Interrupt Cause)       0x00000000
0x00808: EICS        (Extended Interrupt Cause Set)   0x00000000
0x00880: EIMS        (Extended Interr. Mask Set/Read) 0xD619FFFF
0x00888: EIMC        (Extended Interrupt Mask Clear)  0xD619FFFF
0x00810: EIAC        (Extended Interrupt Auto Clear)  0x4000FFFF
0x00890: EIAM        (Extended Interr. Auto Mask EN)  0x0000FFFF
0x00820: EITR0       (Extended Interrupt Throttle 0)  0x00000028
0x00900: IVAR0       (Interrupt Vector Allocation 0)  0x81818080
0x00000: MSIXT       (MSI-X Table)                    0x00000000
0x11068: PBACL       (MSI-X PBA Clear)                0x00000000
0x00898: GPIE        (General Purpose Interrupt EN)   0xC0000036
0x03008: PFCTOP      (Priority Flow Ctrl Type Opcode) 0x01018808
0x03200: FCCTV0      (Flow Ctrl Tx Timer Value 0)     0x00000000
0x03204: FCCTV1      (Flow Ctrl Tx Timer Value 1)     0x00000000
0x03208: FCCTV2      (Flow Ctrl Tx Timer Value 2)     0x00000000
0x0320C: FCCTV3      (Flow Ctrl Tx Timer Value 3)     0x00000000
0x03220: FCRTL0      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold low 0)   0x00000000
0x03228: FCRTL1      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold low 1)   0x00000000
0x03230: FCRTL2      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold low 2)   0x00000000
0x03238: FCRTL3      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold low 3)   0x00000000
0x03240: FCRTL4      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold low 4)   0x00000000
0x03248: FCRTL5      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold low 5)   0x00000000
0x03250: FCRTL6      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold low 6)   0x00000000
0x03258: FCRTL7      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold low 7)   0x00000000
0x03260: FCRTH0      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold High 0)  0x00000000
0x03268: FCRTH1      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold High 1)  0x00000000
0x03270: FCRTH2      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold High 2)  0x00000000
0x03278: FCRTH3      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold High 3)  0x00000000
0x03280: FCRTH4      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold High 4)  0x00000000
0x03288: FCRTH5      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold High 5)  0x00000000
0x03290: FCRTH6      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold High 6)  0x00000000
0x03298: FCRTH7      (Flow Ctrl Rx Threshold High 7)  0x00000000
0x032A0: FCRTV       (Flow Control Refresh Threshold) 0x00000000
0x0CE00: TFCS        (Transmit Flow Control Status)   0x000000FF
0x01000: RDBAL00     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 00)       0xDB724000
0x01040: RDBAL01     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 01)       0xDB792000
0x01080: RDBAL02     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 02)       0xDB01A000
0x010C0: RDBAL03     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 03)       0xDB744000
0x01100: RDBAL04     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 04)       0xDB0AE000
0x01140: RDBAL05     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 05)       0xDB71E000
0x01180: RDBAL06     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 06)       0xDB078000
0x011C0: RDBAL07     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 07)       0xDB130000
0x01200: RDBAL08     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 08)       0xDB104000
0x01240: RDBAL09     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 09)       0xDB120000
0x01280: RDBAL10     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 10)       0xDB060000
0x012C0: RDBAL11     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 11)       0xDB770000
0x01300: RDBAL12     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 12)       0xDB774000
0x01340: RDBAL13     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 13)       0xDB126000
0x01380: RDBAL14     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 14)       0xDB01E000
0x013C0: RDBAL15     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 15)       0xDB108000
0x01400: RDBAL16     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 16)       0x00000000
0x01440: RDBAL17     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 17)       0x00000000
0x01480: RDBAL18     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 18)       0x00000000
0x014C0: RDBAL19     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 19)       0x00000000
0x01500: RDBAL20     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 20)       0x00000000
0x01540: RDBAL21     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 21)       0x00000000
0x01580: RDBAL22     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 22)       0x00000000
0x015C0: RDBAL23     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 23)       0x00000000
0x01600: RDBAL24     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 24)       0x00000000
0x01640: RDBAL25     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 25)       0x00000000
0x01680: RDBAL26     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 26)       0x00000000
0x016C0: RDBAL27     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 27)       0x00000000
0x01700: RDBAL28     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 28)       0x00000000
0x01740: RDBAL29     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 29)       0x00000000
0x01780: RDBAL30     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 30)       0x00000000
0x017C0: RDBAL31     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 31)       0x00000000
0x01800: RDBAL32     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 32)       0x00000000
0x01840: RDBAL33     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 33)       0x00000000
0x01880: RDBAL34     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 34)       0x00000000
0x018C0: RDBAL35     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 35)       0x00000000
0x01900: RDBAL36     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 36)       0x00000000
0x01940: RDBAL37     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 37)       0x00000000
0x01980: RDBAL38     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 38)       0x00000000
0x019C0: RDBAL39     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 39)       0x00000000
0x01A00: RDBAL40     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 40)       0x00000000
0x01A40: RDBAL41     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 41)       0x00000000
0x01A80: RDBAL42     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 42)       0x00000000
0x01AC0: RDBAL43     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 43)       0x00000000
0x01B00: RDBAL44     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 44)       0x00000000
0x01B40: RDBAL45     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 45)       0x00000000
0x01B80: RDBAL46     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 46)       0x00000000
0x01BC0: RDBAL47     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 47)       0x00000000
0x01C00: RDBAL48     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 48)       0x00000000
0x01C40: RDBAL49     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 49)       0x00000000
0x01C80: RDBAL50     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 50)       0x00000000
0x01CC0: RDBAL51     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 51)       0x00000000
0x01D00: RDBAL52     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 52)       0x00000000
0x01D40: RDBAL53     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 53)       0x00000000
0x01D80: RDBAL54     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 54)       0x00000000
0x01DC0: RDBAL55     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 55)       0x00000000
0x01E00: RDBAL56     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 56)       0x00000000
0x01E40: RDBAL57     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 57)       0x00000000
0x01E80: RDBAL58     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 58)       0x00000000
0x01EC0: RDBAL59     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 59)       0x00000000
0x01F00: RDBAL60     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 60)       0x00000000
0x01F40: RDBAL61     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 61)       0x00000000
0x01F80: RDBAL62     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 62)       0x00000000
0x01FC0: RDBAL63     (Rx Desc Base Addr Low 63)       0x00000000
0x01004: RDBAH00     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 00)      0x00000000
0x01044: RDBAH01     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 01)      0x00000000
0x01084: RDBAH02     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 02)      0x00000000
0x010C4: RDBAH03     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 03)      0x00000000
0x01104: RDBAH04     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 04)      0x00000000
0x01144: RDBAH05     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 05)      0x00000000
0x01184: RDBAH06     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 06)      0x00000000
0x011C4: RDBAH07     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 07)      0x00000000
0x01204: RDBAH08     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 08)      0x00000000
0x01244: RDBAH09     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 09)      0x00000000
0x01284: RDBAH10     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 10)      0x00000000
0x012C4: RDBAH11     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 11)      0x00000000
0x01304: RDBAH12     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 12)      0x00000000
0x01344: RDBAH13     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 13)      0x00000000
0x01384: RDBAH14     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 14)      0x00000000
0x013C4: RDBAH15     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 15)      0x00000000
0x01404: RDBAH16     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 16)      0x00000000
0x01444: RDBAH17     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 17)      0x00000000
0x01484: RDBAH18     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 18)      0x00000000
0x014C4: RDBAH19     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 19)      0x00000000
0x01504: RDBAH20     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 20)      0x00000000
0x01544: RDBAH21     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 21)      0x00000000
0x01584: RDBAH22     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 22)      0x00000000
0x015C4: RDBAH23     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 23)      0x00000000
0x01604: RDBAH24     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 24)      0x00000000
0x01644: RDBAH25     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 25)      0x00000000
0x01684: RDBAH26     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 26)      0x00000000
0x016C4: RDBAH27     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 27)      0x00000000
0x01704: RDBAH28     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 28)      0x00000000
0x01744: RDBAH29     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 29)      0x00000000
0x01784: RDBAH30     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 30)      0x00000000
0x017C4: RDBAH31     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 31)      0x00000000
0x01804: RDBAH32     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 32)      0x00000000
0x01844: RDBAH33     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 33)      0x00000000
0x01884: RDBAH34     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 34)      0x00000000
0x018C4: RDBAH35     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 35)      0x00000000
0x01904: RDBAH36     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 36)      0x00000000
0x01944: RDBAH37     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 37)      0x00000000
0x01984: RDBAH38     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 38)      0x00000000
0x019C4: RDBAH39     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 39)      0x00000000
0x01A04: RDBAH40     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 40)      0x00000000
0x01A44: RDBAH41     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 41)      0x00000000
0x01A84: RDBAH42     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 42)      0x00000000
0x01AC4: RDBAH43     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 43)      0x00000000
0x01B04: RDBAH44     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 44)      0x00000000
0x01B44: RDBAH45     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 45)      0x00000000
0x01B84: RDBAH46     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 46)      0x00000000
0x01BC4: RDBAH47     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 47)      0x00000000
0x01C04: RDBAH48     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 48)      0x00000000
0x01C44: RDBAH49     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 49)      0x00000000
0x01C84: RDBAH50     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 50)      0x00000000
0x01CC4: RDBAH51     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 51)      0x00000000
0x01D04: RDBAH52     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 52)      0x00000000
0x01D44: RDBAH53     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 53)      0x00000000
0x01D84: RDBAH54     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 54)      0x00000000
0x01DC4: RDBAH55     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 55)      0x00000000
0x01E04: RDBAH56     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 56)      0x00000000
0x01E44: RDBAH57     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 57)      0x00000000
0x01E84: RDBAH58     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 58)      0x00000000
0x01EC4: RDBAH59     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 59)      0x00000000
0x01F04: RDBAH60     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 60)      0x00000000
0x01F44: RDBAH61     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 61)      0x00000000
0x01F84: RDBAH62     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 62)      0x00000000
0x01FC4: RDBAH63     (Rx Desc Base Addr High 63)      0x00000000
0x01008: RDLEN00     (Receive Descriptor Length 00)   0x00000800
0x01048: RDLEN01     (Receive Descriptor Length 01)   0x00000800
0x01088: RDLEN02     (Receive Descriptor Length 02)   0x00000800
0x010C8: RDLEN03     (Receive Descriptor Length 03)   0x00000800
0x01108: RDLEN04     (Receive Descriptor Length 04)   0x00000800
0x01148: RDLEN05     (Receive Descriptor Length 05)   0x00000800
0x01188: RDLEN06     (Receive Descriptor Length 06)   0x00000800
0x011C8: RDLEN07     (Receive Descriptor Length 07)   0x00000800
0x01208: RDLEN08     (Receive Descriptor Length 08)   0x00000800
0x01248: RDLEN09     (Receive Descriptor Length 09)   0x00000800
0x01288: RDLEN10     (Receive Descriptor Length 10)   0x00000800
0x012C8: RDLEN11     (Receive Descriptor Length 11)   0x00000800
0x01308: RDLEN12     (Receive Descriptor Length 12)   0x00000800
0x01348: RDLEN13     (Receive Descriptor Length 13)   0x00000800
0x01388: RDLEN14     (Receive Descriptor Length 14)   0x00000800
0x013C8: RDLEN15     (Receive Descriptor Length 15)   0x00000800
0x01408: RDLEN16     (Receive Descriptor Length 16)   0x00000000
0x01448: RDLEN17     (Receive Descriptor Length 17)   0x00000000
0x01488: RDLEN18     (Receive Descriptor Length 18)   0x00000000
0x014C8: RDLEN19     (Receive Descriptor Length 19)   0x00000000
0x01508: RDLEN20     (Receive Descriptor Length 20)   0x00000000
0x01548: RDLEN21     (Receive Descriptor Length 21)   0x00000000
0x01588: RDLEN22     (Receive Descriptor Length 22)   0x00000000
0x015C8: RDLEN23     (Receive Descriptor Length 23)   0x00000000
0x01608: RDLEN24     (Receive Descriptor Length 24)   0x00000000
0x01648: RDLEN25     (Receive Descriptor Length 25)   0x00000000
0x01688: RDLEN26     (Receive Descriptor Length 26)   0x00000000
0x016C8: RDLEN27     (Receive Descriptor Length 27)   0x00000000
0x01708: RDLEN28     (Receive Descriptor Length 28)   0x00000000
0x01748: RDLEN29     (Receive Descriptor Length 29)   0x00000000
0x01788: RDLEN30     (Receive Descriptor Length 30)   0x00000000
0x017C8: RDLEN31     (Receive Descriptor Length 31)   0x00000000
0x01808: RDLEN32     (Receive Descriptor Length 32)   0x00000000
0x01848: RDLEN33     (Receive Descriptor Length 33)   0x00000000
0x01888: RDLEN34     (Receive Descriptor Length 34)   0x00000000
0x018C8: RDLEN35     (Receive Descriptor Length 35)   0x00000000
0x01908: RDLEN36     (Receive Descriptor Length 36)   0x00000000
0x01948: RDLEN37     (Receive Descriptor Length 37)   0x00000000
0x01988: RDLEN38     (Receive Descriptor Length 38)   0x00000000
0x019C8: RDLEN39     (Receive Descriptor Length 39)   0x00000000
0x01A08: RDLEN40     (Receive Descriptor Length 40)   0x00000000
0x01A48: RDLEN41     (Receive Descriptor Length 41)   0x00000000
0x01A88: RDLEN42     (Receive Descriptor Length 42)   0x00000000
0x01AC8: RDLEN43     (Receive Descriptor Length 43)   0x00000000
0x01B08: RDLEN44     (Receive Descriptor Length 44)   0x00000000
0x01B48: RDLEN45     (Receive Descriptor Length 45)   0x00000000
0x01B88: RDLEN46     (Receive Descriptor Length 46)   0x00000000
0x01BC8: RDLEN47     (Receive Descriptor Length 47)   0x00000000
0x01C08: RDLEN48     (Receive Descriptor Length 48)   0x00000000
0x01C48: RDLEN49     (Receive Descriptor Length 49)   0x00000000
0x01C88: RDLEN50     (Receive Descriptor Length 50)   0x00000000
0x01CC8: RDLEN51     (Receive Descriptor Length 51)   0x00000000
0x01D08: RDLEN52     (Receive Descriptor Length 52)   0x00000000
0x01D48: RDLEN53     (Receive Descriptor Length 53)   0x00000000
0x01D88: RDLEN54     (Receive Descriptor Length 54)   0x00000000
0x01DC8: RDLEN55     (Receive Descriptor Length 55)   0x00000000
0x01E08: RDLEN56     (Receive Descriptor Length 56)   0x00000000
0x01E48: RDLEN57     (Receive Descriptor Length 57)   0x00000000
0x01E88: RDLEN58     (Receive Descriptor Length 58)   0x00000000
0x01EC8: RDLEN59     (Receive Descriptor Length 59)   0x00000000
0x01F08: RDLEN60     (Receive Descriptor Length 60)   0x00000000
0x01F48: RDLEN61     (Receive Descriptor Length 61)   0x00000000
0x01F88: RDLEN62     (Receive Descriptor Length 62)   0x00000000
0x01FC8: RDLEN63     (Receive Descriptor Length 63)   0x00000000
0x01010: RDH00       (Receive Descriptor Head 00)     0x00000000
0x01050: RDH01       (Receive Descriptor Head 01)     0x00000000
0x01090: RDH02       (Receive Descriptor Head 02)     0x00000000
0x010D0: RDH03       (Receive Descriptor Head 03)     0x00000000
0x01110: RDH04       (Receive Descriptor Head 04)     0x00000000
0x01150: RDH05       (Receive Descriptor Head 05)     0x00000000
0x01190: RDH06       (Receive Descriptor Head 06)     0x00000000
0x011D0: RDH07       (Receive Descriptor Head 07)     0x00000000
0x01210: RDH08       (Receive Descriptor Head 08)     0x00000000
0x01250: RDH09       (Receive Descriptor Head 09)     0x00000000
0x01290: RDH10       (Receive Descriptor Head 10)     0x00000000
0x012D0: RDH11       (Receive Descriptor Head 11)     0x00000000
0x01310: RDH12       (Receive Descriptor Head 12)     0x00000000
0x01350: RDH13       (Receive Descriptor Head 13)     0x00000000
0x01390: RDH14       (Receive Descriptor Head 14)     0x00000000
0x013D0: RDH15       (Receive Descriptor Head 15)     0x00000000
0x01410: RDH16       (Receive Descriptor Head 16)     0x00000000
0x01450: RDH17       (Receive Descriptor Head 17)     0x00000000
0x01490: RDH18       (Receive Descriptor Head 18)     0x00000000
0x014D0: RDH19       (Receive Descriptor Head 19)     0x00000000
0x01510: RDH20       (Receive Descriptor Head 20)     0x00000000
0x01550: RDH21       (Receive Descriptor Head 21)     0x00000000
0x01590: RDH22       (Receive Descriptor Head 22)     0x00000000
0x015D0: RDH23       (Receive Descriptor Head 23)     0x00000000
0x01610: RDH24       (Receive Descriptor Head 24)     0x00000000
0x01650: RDH25       (Receive Descriptor Head 25)     0x00000000
0x01690: RDH26       (Receive Descriptor Head 26)     0x00000000
0x016D0: RDH27       (Receive Descriptor Head 27)     0x00000000
0x01710: RDH28       (Receive Descriptor Head 28)     0x00000000
0x01750: RDH29       (Receive Descriptor Head 29)     0x00000000
0x01790: RDH30       (Receive Descriptor Head 30)     0x00000000
0x017D0: RDH31       (Receive Descriptor Head 31)     0x00000000
0x01810: RDH32       (Receive Descriptor Head 32)     0x00000000
0x01850: RDH33       (Receive Descriptor Head 33)     0x00000000
0x01890: RDH34       (Receive Descriptor Head 34)     0x00000000
0x018D0: RDH35       (Receive Descriptor Head 35)     0x00000000
0x01910: RDH36       (Receive Descriptor Head 36)     0x00000000
0x01950: RDH37       (Receive Descriptor Head 37)     0x00000000
0x01990: RDH38       (Receive Descriptor Head 38)     0x00000000
0x019D0: RDH39       (Receive Descriptor Head 39)     0x00000000
0x01A10: RDH40       (Receive Descriptor Head 40)     0x00000000
0x01A50: RDH41       (Receive Descriptor Head 41)     0x00000000
0x01A90: RDH42       (Receive Descriptor Head 42)     0x00000000
0x01AD0: RDH43       (Receive Descriptor Head 43)     0x00000000
0x01B10: RDH44       (Receive Descriptor Head 44)     0x00000000
0x01B50: RDH45       (Receive Descriptor Head 45)     0x00000000
0x01B90: RDH46       (Receive Descriptor Head 46)     0x00000000
0x01BD0: RDH47       (Receive Descriptor Head 47)     0x00000000
0x01C10: RDH48       (Receive Descriptor Head 48)     0x00000000
0x01C50: RDH49       (Receive Descriptor Head 49)     0x00000000
0x01C90: RDH50       (Receive Descriptor Head 50)     0x00000000
0x01CD0: RDH51       (Receive Descriptor Head 51)     0x00000000
0x01D10: RDH52       (Receive Descriptor Head 52)     0x00000000
0x01D50: RDH53       (Receive Descriptor Head 53)     0x00000000
0x01D90: RDH54       (Receive Descriptor Head 54)     0x00000000
0x01DD0: RDH55       (Receive Descriptor Head 55)     0x00000000
0x01E10: RDH56       (Receive Descriptor Head 56)     0x00000000
0x01E50: RDH57       (Receive Descriptor Head 57)     0x00000000
0x01E90: RDH58       (Receive Descriptor Head 58)     0x00000000
0x01ED0: RDH59       (Receive Descriptor Head 59)     0x00000000
0x01F10: RDH60       (Receive Descriptor Head 60)     0x00000000
0x01F50: RDH61       (Receive Descriptor Head 61)     0x00000000
0x01F90: RDH62       (Receive Descriptor Head 62)     0x00000000
0x01FD0: RDH63       (Receive Descriptor Head 63)     0x00000000
0x01018: RDT00       (Receive Descriptor Tail 00)     0x0000007F
0x01058: RDT01       (Receive Descriptor Tail 01)     0x0000007F
0x01098: RDT02       (Receive Descriptor Tail 02)     0x0000007F
0x010D8: RDT03       (Receive Descriptor Tail 03)     0x0000007F
0x01118: RDT04       (Receive Descriptor Tail 04)     0x0000007F
0x01158: RDT05       (Receive Descriptor Tail 05)     0x0000007F
0x01198: RDT06       (Receive Descriptor Tail 06)     0x0000007F
0x011D8: RDT07       (Receive Descriptor Tail 07)     0x0000007F
0x01218: RDT08       (Receive Descriptor Tail 08)     0x0000007F
0x01258: RDT09       (Receive Descriptor Tail 09)     0x0000007F
0x01298: RDT10       (Receive Descriptor Tail 10)     0x0000007F
0x012D8: RDT11       (Receive Descriptor Tail 11)     0x0000007F
0x01318: RDT12       (Receive Descriptor Tail 12)     0x0000007F
0x01358: RDT13       (Receive Descriptor Tail 13)     0x0000007F
0x01398: RDT14       (Receive Descriptor Tail 14)     0x0000007F
0x013D8: RDT15       (Receive Descriptor Tail 15)     0x0000007F
0x01418: RDT16       (Receive Descriptor Tail 16)     0x00000000
0x01458: RDT17       (Receive Descriptor Tail 17)     0x00000000
0x01498: RDT18       (Receive Descriptor Tail 18)     0x00000000
0x014D8: RDT19       (Receive Descriptor Tail 19)     0x00000000
0x01518: RDT20       (Receive Descriptor Tail 20)     0x00000000
0x01558: RDT21       (Receive Descriptor Tail 21)     0x00000000
0x01598: RDT22       (Receive Descriptor Tail 22)     0x00000000
0x015D8: RDT23       (Receive Descriptor Tail 23)     0x00000000
0x01618: RDT24       (Receive Descriptor Tail 24)     0x00000000
0x01658: RDT25       (Receive Descriptor Tail 25)     0x00000000
0x01698: RDT26       (Receive Descriptor Tail 26)     0x00000000
0x016D8: RDT27       (Receive Descriptor Tail 27)     0x00000000
0x01718: RDT28       (Receive Descriptor Tail 28)     0x00000000
0x01758: RDT29       (Receive Descriptor Tail 29)     0x00000000
0x01798: RDT30       (Receive Descriptor Tail 30)     0x00000000
0x017D8: RDT31       (Receive Descriptor Tail 31)     0x00000000
0x01818: RDT32       (Receive Descriptor Tail 32)     0x00000000
0x01858: RDT33       (Receive Descriptor Tail 33)     0x00000000
0x01898: RDT34       (Receive Descriptor Tail 34)     0x00000000
0x018D8: RDT35       (Receive Descriptor Tail 35)     0x00000000
0x01918: RDT36       (Receive Descriptor Tail 36)     0x00000000
0x01958: RDT37       (Receive Descriptor Tail 37)     0x00000000
0x01998: RDT38       (Receive Descriptor Tail 38)     0x00000000
0x019D8: RDT39       (Receive Descriptor Tail 39)     0x00000000
0x01A18: RDT40       (Receive Descriptor Tail 40)     0x00000000
0x01A58: RDT41       (Receive Descriptor Tail 41)     0x00000000
0x01A98: RDT42       (Receive Descriptor Tail 42)     0x00000000
0x01AD8: RDT43       (Receive Descriptor Tail 43)     0x00000000
0x01B18: RDT44       (Receive Descriptor Tail 44)     0x00000000
0x01B58: RDT45       (Receive Descriptor Tail 45)     0x00000000
0x01B98: RDT46       (Receive Descriptor Tail 46)     0x00000000
0x01BD8: RDT47       (Receive Descriptor Tail 47)     0x00000000
0x01C18: RDT48       (Receive Descriptor Tail 48)     0x00000000
0x01C58: RDT49       (Receive Descriptor Tail 49)     0x00000000
0x01C98: RDT50       (Receive Descriptor Tail 50)     0x00000000
0x01CD8: RDT51       (Receive Descriptor Tail 51)     0x00000000
0x01D18: RDT52       (Receive Descriptor Tail 52)     0x00000000
0x01D58: RDT53       (Receive Descriptor Tail 53)     0x00000000
0x01D98: RDT54       (Receive Descriptor Tail 54)     0x00000000
0x01DD8: RDT55       (Receive Descriptor Tail 55)     0x00000000
0x01E18: RDT56       (Receive Descriptor Tail 56)     0x00000000
0x01E58: RDT57       (Receive Descriptor Tail 57)     0x00000000
0x01E98: RDT58       (Receive Descriptor Tail 58)     0x00000000
0x01ED8: RDT59       (Receive Descriptor Tail 59)     0x00000000
0x01F18: RDT60       (Receive Descriptor Tail 60)     0x00000000
0x01F58: RDT61       (Receive Descriptor Tail 61)     0x00000000
0x01F98: RDT62       (Receive Descriptor Tail 62)     0x00000000
0x01FD8: RDT63       (Receive Descriptor Tail 63)     0x00000000
0x01028: RXDCTL00    (Receive Descriptor Control 00)  0x42000000
0x01068: RXDCTL01    (Receive Descriptor Control 01)  0x42000000
0x010A8: RXDCTL02    (Receive Descriptor Control 02)  0x42000000
0x010E8: RXDCTL03    (Receive Descriptor Control 03)  0x42000000
0x01128: RXDCTL04    (Receive Descriptor Control 04)  0x42000000
0x01168: RXDCTL05    (Receive Descriptor Control 05)  0x42000000
0x011A8: RXDCTL06    (Receive Descriptor Control 06)  0x42000000
0x011E8: RXDCTL07    (Receive Descriptor Control 07)  0x42000000
0x01228: RXDCTL08    (Receive Descriptor Control 08)  0x42000000
0x01268: RXDCTL09    (Receive Descriptor Control 09)  0x42000000
0x012A8: RXDCTL10    (Receive Descriptor Control 10)  0x42000000
0x012E8: RXDCTL11    (Receive Descriptor Control 11)  0x42000000
0x01328: RXDCTL12    (Receive Descriptor Control 12)  0x42000000
0x01368: RXDCTL13    (Receive Descriptor Control 13)  0x42000000
0x013A8: RXDCTL14    (Receive Descriptor Control 14)  0x42000000
0x013E8: RXDCTL15    (Receive Descriptor Control 15)  0x42000000
0x01428: RXDCTL16    (Receive Descriptor Control 16)  0x00000000
0x01468: RXDCTL17    (Receive Descriptor Control 17)  0x00000000
0x014A8: RXDCTL18    (Receive Descriptor Control 18)  0x00000000
0x014E8: RXDCTL19    (Receive Descriptor Control 19)  0x00000000
0x01528: RXDCTL20    (Receive Descriptor Control 20)  0x00000000
0x01568: RXDCTL21    (Receive Descriptor Control 21)  0x00000000
0x015A8: RXDCTL22    (Receive Descriptor Control 22)  0x00000000
0x015E8: RXDCTL23    (Receive Descriptor Control 23)  0x00000000
0x01628: RXDCTL24    (Receive Descriptor Control 24)  0x00000000
0x01668: RXDCTL25    (Receive Descriptor Control 25)  0x00000000
0x016A8: RXDCTL26    (Receive Descriptor Control 26)  0x00000000
0x016E8: RXDCTL27    (Receive Descriptor Control 27)  0x00000000
0x01728: RXDCTL28    (Receive Descriptor Control 28)  0x00000000
0x01768: RXDCTL29    (Receive Descriptor Control 29)  0x00000000
0x017A8: RXDCTL30    (Receive Descriptor Control 30)  0x00000000
0x017E8: RXDCTL31    (Receive Descriptor Control 31)  0x00000000
0x01828: RXDCTL32    (Receive Descriptor Control 32)  0x00000000
0x01868: RXDCTL33    (Receive Descriptor Control 33)  0x00000000
0x018A8: RXDCTL34    (Receive Descriptor Control 34)  0x00000000
0x018E8: RXDCTL35    (Receive Descriptor Control 35)  0x00000000
0x01928: RXDCTL36    (Receive Descriptor Control 36)  0x00000000
0x01968: RXDCTL37    (Receive Descriptor Control 37)  0x00000000
0x019A8: RXDCTL38    (Receive Descriptor Control 38)  0x00000000
0x019E8: RXDCTL39    (Receive Descriptor Control 39)  0x00000000
0x01A28: RXDCTL40    (Receive Descriptor Control 40)  0x00000000
0x01A68: RXDCTL41    (Receive Descriptor Control 41)  0x00000000
0x01AA8: RXDCTL42    (Receive Descriptor Control 42)  0x00000000
0x01AE8: RXDCTL43    (Receive Descriptor Control 43)  0x00000000
0x01B28: RXDCTL44    (Receive Descriptor Control 44)  0x00000000
0x01B68: RXDCTL45    (Receive Descriptor Control 45)  0x00000000
0x01BA8: RXDCTL46    (Receive Descriptor Control 46)  0x00000000
0x01BE8: RXDCTL47    (Receive Descriptor Control 47)  0x00000000
0x01C28: RXDCTL48    (Receive Descriptor Control 48)  0x00000000
0x01C68: RXDCTL49    (Receive Descriptor Control 49)  0x00000000
0x01CA8: RXDCTL50    (Receive Descriptor Control 50)  0x00000000
0x01CE8: RXDCTL51    (Receive Descriptor Control 51)  0x00000000
0x01D28: RXDCTL52    (Receive Descriptor Control 52)  0x00000000
0x01D68: RXDCTL53    (Receive Descriptor Control 53)  0x00000000
0x01DA8: RXDCTL54    (Receive Descriptor Control 54)  0x00000000
0x01DE8: RXDCTL55    (Receive Descriptor Control 55)  0x00000000
0x01E28: RXDCTL56    (Receive Descriptor Control 56)  0x00000000
0x01E68: RXDCTL57    (Receive Descriptor Control 57)  0x00000000
0x01EA8: RXDCTL58    (Receive Descriptor Control 58)  0x00000000
0x01EE8: RXDCTL59    (Receive Descriptor Control 59)  0x00000000
0x01F28: RXDCTL60    (Receive Descriptor Control 60)  0x00000000
0x01F68: RXDCTL61    (Receive Descriptor Control 61)  0x00000000
0x01FA8: RXDCTL62    (Receive Descriptor Control 62)  0x00000000
0x01FE8: RXDCTL63    (Receive Descriptor Control 63)  0x00000000
0x02100: SRRCTL00    (Split and Replic Rx Control 00) 0x02000402
0x02104: SRRCTL01    (Split and Replic Rx Control 01) 0x02000402
0x02108: SRRCTL02    (Split and Replic Rx Control 02) 0x02000402
0x0210C: SRRCTL03    (Split and Replic Rx Control 03) 0x02000402
0x02110: SRRCTL04    (Split and Replic Rx Control 04) 0x02000402
0x02114: SRRCTL05    (Split and Replic Rx Control 05) 0x02000402
0x02118: SRRCTL06    (Split and Replic Rx Control 06) 0x02000402
0x0211C: SRRCTL07    (Split and Replic Rx Control 07) 0x02000402
0x02120: SRRCTL08    (Split and Replic Rx Control 08) 0x02000402
0x02124: SRRCTL09    (Split and Replic Rx Control 09) 0x02000402
0x02128: SRRCTL10    (Split and Replic Rx Control 10) 0x02000402
0x0212C: SRRCTL11    (Split and Replic Rx Control 11) 0x02000402
0x02130: SRRCTL12    (Split and Replic Rx Control 12) 0x02000402
0x02134: SRRCTL13    (Split and Replic Rx Control 13) 0x02000402
0x02138: SRRCTL14    (Split and Replic Rx Control 14) 0x02000402
0x0213C: SRRCTL15    (Split and Replic Rx Control 15) 0x02000402
0x02200: DCA_RXCTRL00 (Rx DCA Control 00)             0x00001200
0x02204: DCA_RXCTRL01 (Rx DCA Control 01)             0x00001200
0x02208: DCA_RXCTRL02 (Rx DCA Control 02)             0x00001200
0x0220C: DCA_RXCTRL03 (Rx DCA Control 03)             0x00001200
0x02210: DCA_RXCTRL04 (Rx DCA Control 04)             0x00001200
0x02214: DCA_RXCTRL05 (Rx DCA Control 05)             0x00001200
0x02218: DCA_RXCTRL06 (Rx DCA Control 06)             0x00001200
0x0221C: DCA_RXCTRL07 (Rx DCA Control 07)             0x00001200
0x02220: DCA_RXCTRL08 (Rx DCA Control 08)             0x00001200
0x02224: DCA_RXCTRL09 (Rx DCA Control 09)             0x00001200
0x02228: DCA_RXCTRL10 (Rx DCA Control 10)             0x00001200
0x0222C: DCA_RXCTRL11 (Rx DCA Control 11)             0x00001200
0x02230: DCA_RXCTRL12 (Rx DCA Control 12)             0x00001200
0x02234: DCA_RXCTRL13 (Rx DCA Control 13)             0x00001200
0x02238: DCA_RXCTRL14 (Rx DCA Control 14)             0x00001200
0x0223C: DCA_RXCTRL15 (Rx DCA Control 15)             0x00001200
0x02F00: RDRXCTL     (Receive DMA Control)            0x0600880A
0x03C00: RXPBSIZE0   (Receive Packet Buffer Size 0)   0x00070000
0x03C04: RXPBSIZE1   (Receive Packet Buffer Size 1)   0x00000000
0x03C08: RXPBSIZE2   (Receive Packet Buffer Size 2)   0x00000000
0x03C0C: RXPBSIZE3   (Receive Packet Buffer Size 3)   0x00000000
0x03C10: RXPBSIZE4   (Receive Packet Buffer Size 4)   0x00000000
0x03C14: RXPBSIZE5   (Receive Packet Buffer Size 5)   0x00000000
0x03C18: RXPBSIZE6   (Receive Packet Buffer Size 6)   0x00000000
0x03C1C: RXPBSIZE7   (Receive Packet Buffer Size 7)   0x00000000
0x03000: RXCTRL      (Receive Control)                0x00000001
0x05000: RXCSUM      (Receive Checksum Control)       0x00002000
0x05008: RFCTL       (Receive Filter Control)         0x00000020
0x05400: RAL00       (Receive Address Low00)          0x172F0B00
0x05408: RAL01       (Receive Address Low01)          0x00000000
0x05410: RAL02       (Receive Address Low02)          0x00000000
0x05418: RAL03       (Receive Address Low03)          0x00000000
0x05420: RAL04       (Receive Address Low04)          0x00000000
0x05428: RAL05       (Receive Address Low05)          0x00000000
0x05430: RAL06       (Receive Address Low06)          0x00000000
0x05438: RAL07       (Receive Address Low07)          0x00000000
0x05440: RAL08       (Receive Address Low08)          0x00000000
0x05448: RAL09       (Receive Address Low09)          0x00000000
0x05450: RAL10       (Receive Address Low10)          0x00000000
0x05458: RAL11       (Receive Address Low11)          0x00000000
0x05460: RAL12       (Receive Address Low12)          0x00000000
0x05468: RAL13       (Receive Address Low13)          0x00000000
0x05470: RAL14       (Receive Address Low14)          0x00000000
0x05478: RAL15       (Receive Address Low15)          0x00000000
0x05404: RAH00       (Receive Address High 00)        0x800091F6
0x0540C: RAH01       (Receive Address High 01)        0x00000000
0x05414: RAH02       (Receive Address High 02)        0x00000000
0x0541C: RAH03       (Receive Address High 03)        0x00000000
0x05424: RAH04       (Receive Address High 04)        0x00000000
0x0542C: RAH05       (Receive Address High 05)        0x00000000
0x05434: RAH06       (Receive Address High 06)        0x00000000
0x0543C: RAH07       (Receive Address High 07)        0x00000000
0x05444: RAH08       (Receive Address High 08)        0x00000000
0x0544C: RAH09       (Receive Address High 09)        0x00000000
0x05454: RAH10       (Receive Address High 10)        0x00000000
0x0545C: RAH11       (Receive Address High 11)        0x00000000
0x05464: RAH12       (Receive Address High 12)        0x00000000
0x0546C: RAH13       (Receive Address High 13)        0x00000000
0x05474: RAH14       (Receive Address High 14)        0x00000000
0x0547C: RAH15       (Receive Address High 15)        0x00000000
0x05480: PSRTYPE     (Packet Split Receive Type)      0x40001330
0x05090: MCSTCTRL    (Multicast Control)              0x00000004
0x05818: MRQC        (Multiple Rx Queues Command)     0x00330001
0x0581C: VMD_CTL     (VMDq Control)                   0x00000000
0x05A80: IMIR0       (Immediate Interrupt Rx 0)       0x00000000
0x05A84: IMIR1       (Immediate Interrupt Rx 1)       0x00000000
0x05A88: IMIR2       (Immediate Interrupt Rx 2)       0x00000000
0x05A8C: IMIR3       (Immediate Interrupt Rx 3)       0x00000000
0x05A90: IMIR4       (Immediate Interrupt Rx 4)       0x00000000
0x05A94: IMIR5       (Immediate Interrupt Rx 5)       0x00000000
0x05A98: IMIR6       (Immediate Interrupt Rx 6)       0x00000000
0x05A9C: IMIR7       (Immediate Interrupt Rx 7)       0x00000000
0x05AA0: IMIREXT0    (Immed. Interr. Rx Extended 0)   0x00000000
0x05AA4: IMIREXT1    (Immed. Interr. Rx Extended 1)   0x00000000
0x05AA8: IMIREXT2    (Immed. Interr. Rx Extended 2)   0x00000000
0x05AAC: IMIREXT3    (Immed. Interr. Rx Extended 3)   0x00000000
0x05AB0: IMIREXT4    (Immed. Interr. Rx Extended 4)   0x00000000
0x05AB4: IMIREXT5    (Immed. Interr. Rx Extended 5)   0x00000000
0x05AB8: IMIREXT6    (Immed. Interr. Rx Extended 6)   0x00000000
0x05ABC: IMIREXT7    (Immed. Interr. Rx Extended 7)   0x00000000
0x05AC0: IMIRVP      (Immed. Interr. Rx VLAN Prior.)  0x00000000
0x06000: TDBAL00     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 00)       0xDB0F0000
0x06040: TDBAL01     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 01)       0xDB050000
0x06080: TDBAL02     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 02)       0xDB006000
0x060C0: TDBAL03     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 03)       0xDB710000
0x06100: TDBAL04     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 04)       0xDB124000
0x06140: TDBAL05     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 05)       0xDB0C6000
0x06180: TDBAL06     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 06)       0xDB004000
0x061C0: TDBAL07     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 07)       0xDB0D0000
0x06200: TDBAL08     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 08)       0xDB102000
0x06240: TDBAL09     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 09)       0xDB704000
0x06280: TDBAL10     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 10)       0xDB714000
0x062C0: TDBAL11     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 11)       0xDB0A4000
0x06300: TDBAL12     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 12)       0xDB0A6000
0x06340: TDBAL13     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 13)       0xDB12A000
0x06380: TDBAL14     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 14)       0xDB122000
0x063C0: TDBAL15     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 15)       0xDB02C000
0x06400: TDBAL16     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 16)       0x00000000
0x06440: TDBAL17     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 17)       0x00000000
0x06480: TDBAL18     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 18)       0x00000000
0x064C0: TDBAL19     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 19)       0x00000000
0x06500: TDBAL20     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 20)       0x00000000
0x06540: TDBAL21     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 21)       0x00000000
0x06580: TDBAL22     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 22)       0x00000000
0x065C0: TDBAL23     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 23)       0x00000000
0x06600: TDBAL24     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 24)       0x00000000
0x06640: TDBAL25     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 25)       0x00000000
0x06680: TDBAL26     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 26)       0x00000000
0x066C0: TDBAL27     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 27)       0x00000000
0x06700: TDBAL28     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 28)       0x00000000
0x06740: TDBAL29     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 29)       0x00000000
0x06780: TDBAL30     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 30)       0x00000000
0x067C0: TDBAL31     (Tx Desc Base Addr Low 31)       0x00000000
0x06004: TDBAH00     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 00)      0x00000000
0x06044: TDBAH01     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 01)      0x00000000
0x06084: TDBAH02     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 02)      0x00000000
0x060C4: TDBAH03     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 03)      0x00000000
0x06104: TDBAH04     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 04)      0x00000000
0x06144: TDBAH05     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 05)      0x00000000
0x06184: TDBAH06     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 06)      0x00000000
0x061C4: TDBAH07     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 07)      0x00000000
0x06204: TDBAH08     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 08)      0x00000000
0x06244: TDBAH09     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 09)      0x00000000
0x06284: TDBAH10     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 10)      0x00000000
0x062C4: TDBAH11     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 11)      0x00000000
0x06304: TDBAH12     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 12)      0x00000000
0x06344: TDBAH13     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 13)      0x00000000
0x06384: TDBAH14     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 14)      0x00000000
0x063C4: TDBAH15     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 15)      0x00000000
0x06404: TDBAH16     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 16)      0x00000000
0x06444: TDBAH17     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 17)      0x00000000
0x06484: TDBAH18     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 18)      0x00000000
0x064C4: TDBAH19     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 19)      0x00000000
0x06504: TDBAH20     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 20)      0x00000000
0x06544: TDBAH21     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 21)      0x00000000
0x06584: TDBAH22     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 22)      0x00000000
0x065C4: TDBAH23     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 23)      0x00000000
0x06604: TDBAH24     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 24)      0x00000000
0x06644: TDBAH25     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 25)      0x00000000
0x06684: TDBAH26     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 26)      0x00000000
0x066C4: TDBAH27     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 27)      0x00000000
0x06704: TDBAH28     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 28)      0x00000000
0x06744: TDBAH29     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 29)      0x00000000
0x06784: TDBAH30     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 30)      0x00000000
0x067C4: TDBAH31     (Tx Desc Base Addr High 31)      0x00000000
0x06008: TDLEN00     (Tx Descriptor Length 00)        0x00002000
0x06048: TDLEN01     (Tx Descriptor Length 01)        0x00002000
0x06088: TDLEN02     (Tx Descriptor Length 02)        0x00002000
0x060C8: TDLEN03     (Tx Descriptor Length 03)        0x00002000
0x06108: TDLEN04     (Tx Descriptor Length 04)        0x00002000
0x06148: TDLEN05     (Tx Descriptor Length 05)        0x00002000
0x06188: TDLEN06     (Tx Descriptor Length 06)        0x00002000
0x061C8: TDLEN07     (Tx Descriptor Length 07)        0x00002000
0x06208: TDLEN08     (Tx Descriptor Length 08)        0x00002000
0x06248: TDLEN09     (Tx Descriptor Length 09)        0x00002000
0x06288: TDLEN10     (Tx Descriptor Length 10)        0x00002000
0x062C8: TDLEN11     (Tx Descriptor Length 11)        0x00002000
0x06308: TDLEN12     (Tx Descriptor Length 12)        0x00002000
0x06348: TDLEN13     (Tx Descriptor Length 13)        0x00002000
0x06388: TDLEN14     (Tx Descriptor Length 14)        0x00002000
0x063C8: TDLEN15     (Tx Descriptor Length 15)        0x00002000
0x06408: TDLEN16     (Tx Descriptor Length 16)        0x00000000
0x06448: TDLEN17     (Tx Descriptor Length 17)        0x00000000
0x06488: TDLEN18     (Tx Descriptor Length 18)        0x00000000
0x064C8: TDLEN19     (Tx Descriptor Length 19)        0x00000000
0x06508: TDLEN20     (Tx Descriptor Length 20)        0x00000000
0x06548: TDLEN21     (Tx Descriptor Length 21)        0x00000000
0x06588: TDLEN22     (Tx Descriptor Length 22)        0x00000000
0x065C8: TDLEN23     (Tx Descriptor Length 23)        0x00000000
0x06608: TDLEN24     (Tx Descriptor Length 24)        0x00000000
0x06648: TDLEN25     (Tx Descriptor Length 25)        0x00000000
0x06688: TDLEN26     (Tx Descriptor Length 26)        0x00000000
0x066C8: TDLEN27     (Tx Descriptor Length 27)        0x00000000
0x06708: TDLEN28     (Tx Descriptor Length 28)        0x00000000
0x06748: TDLEN29     (Tx Descriptor Length 29)        0x00000000
0x06788: TDLEN30     (Tx Descriptor Length 30)        0x00000000
0x067C8: TDLEN31     (Tx Descriptor Length 31)        0x00000000
0x06010: TDH00       (Transmit Descriptor Head 00)    0x00000000
0x06050: TDH01       (Transmit Descriptor Head 01)    0x00000000
0x06090: TDH02       (Transmit Descriptor Head 02)    0x00000000
0x060D0: TDH03       (Transmit Descriptor Head 03)    0x00000000
0x06110: TDH04       (Transmit Descriptor Head 04)    0x00000000
0x06150: TDH05       (Transmit Descriptor Head 05)    0x00000000
0x06190: TDH06       (Transmit Descriptor Head 06)    0x00000000
0x061D0: TDH07       (Transmit Descriptor Head 07)    0x00000000
0x06210: TDH08       (Transmit Descriptor Head 08)    0x00000000
0x06250: TDH09       (Transmit Descriptor Head 09)    0x00000000
0x06290: TDH10       (Transmit Descriptor Head 10)    0x00000000
0x062D0: TDH11       (Transmit Descriptor Head 11)    0x00000000
0x06310: TDH12       (Transmit Descriptor Head 12)    0x00000000
0x06350: TDH13       (Transmit Descriptor Head 13)    0x00000000
0x06390: TDH14       (Transmit Descriptor Head 14)    0x00000000
0x063D0: TDH15       (Transmit Descriptor Head 15)    0x00000000
0x06410: TDH16       (Transmit Descriptor Head 16)    0x00000000
0x06450: TDH17       (Transmit Descriptor Head 17)    0x00000000
0x06490: TDH18       (Transmit Descriptor Head 18)    0x00000000
0x064D0: TDH19       (Transmit Descriptor Head 19)    0x00000000
0x06510: TDH20       (Transmit Descriptor Head 20)    0x00000000
0x06550: TDH21       (Transmit Descriptor Head 21)    0x00000000
0x06590: TDH22       (Transmit Descriptor Head 22)    0x00000000
0x065D0: TDH23       (Transmit Descriptor Head 23)    0x00000000
0x06610: TDH24       (Transmit Descriptor Head 24)    0x00000000
0x06650: TDH25       (Transmit Descriptor Head 25)    0x00000000
0x06690: TDH26       (Transmit Descriptor Head 26)    0x00000000
0x066D0: TDH27       (Transmit Descriptor Head 27)    0x00000000
0x06710: TDH28       (Transmit Descriptor Head 28)    0x00000000
0x06750: TDH29       (Transmit Descriptor Head 29)    0x00000000
0x06790: TDH30       (Transmit Descriptor Head 30)    0x00000000
0x067D0: TDH31       (Transmit Descriptor Head 31)    0x00000000
0x06018: TDT00       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 00)    0x00000000
0x06058: TDT01       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 01)    0x00000000
0x06098: TDT02       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 02)    0x00000000
0x060D8: TDT03       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 03)    0x00000000
0x06118: TDT04       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 04)    0x00000000
0x06158: TDT05       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 05)    0x00000000
0x06198: TDT06       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 06)    0x00000000
0x061D8: TDT07       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 07)    0x00000000
0x06218: TDT08       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 08)    0x00000000
0x06258: TDT09       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 09)    0x00000000
0x06298: TDT10       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 10)    0x00000000
0x062D8: TDT11       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 11)    0x00000000
0x06318: TDT12       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 12)    0x00000000
0x06358: TDT13       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 13)    0x00000000
0x06398: TDT14       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 14)    0x00000000
0x063D8: TDT15       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 15)    0x00000000
0x06418: TDT16       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 16)    0x00000000
0x06458: TDT17       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 17)    0x00000000
0x06498: TDT18       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 18)    0x00000000
0x064D8: TDT19       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 19)    0x00000000
0x06518: TDT20       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 20)    0x00000000
0x06558: TDT21       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 21)    0x00000000
0x06598: TDT22       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 22)    0x00000000
0x065D8: TDT23       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 23)    0x00000000
0x06618: TDT24       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 24)    0x00000000
0x06658: TDT25       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 25)    0x00000000
0x06698: TDT26       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 26)    0x00000000
0x066D8: TDT27       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 27)    0x00000000
0x06718: TDT28       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 28)    0x00000000
0x06758: TDT29       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 29)    0x00000000
0x06798: TDT30       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 30)    0x00000000
0x067D8: TDT31       (Transmit Descriptor Tail 31)    0x00000000
0x06028: TXDCTL00    (Tx Descriptor Control 00)       0x02080120
0x06068: TXDCTL01    (Tx Descriptor Control 01)       0x02080120
0x060A8: TXDCTL02    (Tx Descriptor Control 02)       0x02080120
0x060E8: TXDCTL03    (Tx Descriptor Control 03)       0x02080120
0x06128: TXDCTL04    (Tx Descriptor Control 04)       0x02080120
0x06168: TXDCTL05    (Tx Descriptor Control 05)       0x02080120
0x061A8: TXDCTL06    (Tx Descriptor Control 06)       0x02080120
0x061E8: TXDCTL07    (Tx Descriptor Control 07)       0x02080120
0x06228: TXDCTL08    (Tx Descriptor Control 08)       0x02080120
0x06268: TXDCTL09    (Tx Descriptor Control 09)       0x02080120
0x062A8: TXDCTL10    (Tx Descriptor Control 10)       0x02080120
0x062E8: TXDCTL11    (Tx Descriptor Control 11)       0x02080120
0x06328: TXDCTL12    (Tx Descriptor Control 12)       0x02080120
0x06368: TXDCTL13    (Tx Descriptor Control 13)       0x02080120
0x063A8: TXDCTL14    (Tx Descriptor Control 14)       0x02080120
0x063E8: TXDCTL15    (Tx Descriptor Control 15)       0x02080120
0x06428: TXDCTL16    (Tx Descriptor Control 16)       0x00000000
0x06468: TXDCTL17    (Tx Descriptor Control 17)       0x00000000
0x064A8: TXDCTL18    (Tx Descriptor Control 18)       0x00000000
0x064E8: TXDCTL19    (Tx Descriptor Control 19)       0x00000000
0x06528: TXDCTL20    (Tx Descriptor Control 20)       0x00000000
0x06568: TXDCTL21    (Tx Descriptor Control 21)       0x00000000
0x065A8: TXDCTL22    (Tx Descriptor Control 22)       0x00000000
0x065E8: TXDCTL23    (Tx Descriptor Control 23)       0x00000000
0x06628: TXDCTL24    (Tx Descriptor Control 24)       0x00000000
0x06668: TXDCTL25    (Tx Descriptor Control 25)       0x00000000
0x066A8: TXDCTL26    (Tx Descriptor Control 26)       0x00000000
0x066E8: TXDCTL27    (Tx Descriptor Control 27)       0x00000000
0x06728: TXDCTL28    (Tx Descriptor Control 28)       0x00000000
0x06768: TXDCTL29    (Tx Descriptor Control 29)       0x00000000
0x067A8: TXDCTL30    (Tx Descriptor Control 30)       0x00000000
0x067E8: TXDCTL31    (Tx Descriptor Control 31)       0x00000000
0x06038: TDWBAL00    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 00)  0x00000000
0x06078: TDWBAL01    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 01)  0x00000000
0x060B8: TDWBAL02    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 02)  0x00000000
0x060F8: TDWBAL03    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 03)  0x00000000
0x06138: TDWBAL04    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 04)  0x00000000
0x06178: TDWBAL05    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 05)  0x00000000
0x061B8: TDWBAL06    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 06)  0x00000000
0x061F8: TDWBAL07    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 07)  0x00000000
0x06238: TDWBAL08    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 08)  0x00000000
0x06278: TDWBAL09    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 09)  0x00000000
0x062B8: TDWBAL10    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 10)  0x00000000
0x062F8: TDWBAL11    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 11)  0x00000000
0x06338: TDWBAL12    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 12)  0x00000000
0x06378: TDWBAL13    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 13)  0x00000000
0x063B8: TDWBAL14    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 14)  0x00000000
0x063F8: TDWBAL15    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 15)  0x00000000
0x06438: TDWBAL16    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 16)  0x00000000
0x06478: TDWBAL17    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 17)  0x00000000
0x064B8: TDWBAL18    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 18)  0x00000000
0x064F8: TDWBAL19    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 19)  0x00000000
0x06538: TDWBAL20    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 20)  0x00000000
0x06578: TDWBAL21    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 21)  0x00000000
0x065B8: TDWBAL22    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 22)  0x00000000
0x065F8: TDWBAL23    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 23)  0x00000000
0x06638: TDWBAL24    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 24)  0x00000000
0x06678: TDWBAL25    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 25)  0x00000000
0x066B8: TDWBAL26    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 26)  0x00000000
0x066F8: TDWBAL27    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 27)  0x00000000
0x06738: TDWBAL28    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 28)  0x00000000
0x06778: TDWBAL29    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 29)  0x00000000
0x067B8: TDWBAL30    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 30)  0x00000000
0x067F8: TDWBAL31    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr low 31)  0x00000000
0x0603C: TDWBAH00    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 00) 0x00000000
0x0607C: TDWBAH01    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 01) 0x00000000
0x060BC: TDWBAH02    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 02) 0x00000000
0x060FC: TDWBAH03    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 03) 0x00000000
0x0613C: TDWBAH04    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 04) 0x00000000
0x0617C: TDWBAH05    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 05) 0x00000000
0x061BC: TDWBAH06    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 06) 0x00000000
0x061FC: TDWBAH07    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 07) 0x00000000
0x0623C: TDWBAH08    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 08) 0x00000000
0x0627C: TDWBAH09    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 09) 0x00000000
0x062BC: TDWBAH10    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 10) 0x00000000
0x062FC: TDWBAH11    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 11) 0x00000000
0x0633C: TDWBAH12    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 12) 0x00000000
0x0637C: TDWBAH13    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 13) 0x00000000
0x063BC: TDWBAH14    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 14) 0x00000000
0x063FC: TDWBAH15    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 15) 0x00000000
0x0643C: TDWBAH16    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 16) 0x00000000
0x0647C: TDWBAH17    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 17) 0x00000000
0x064BC: TDWBAH18    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 18) 0x00000000
0x064FC: TDWBAH19    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 19) 0x00000000
0x0653C: TDWBAH20    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 20) 0x00000000
0x0657C: TDWBAH21    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 21) 0x00000000
0x065BC: TDWBAH22    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 22) 0x00000000
0x065FC: TDWBAH23    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 23) 0x00000000
0x0663C: TDWBAH24    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 24) 0x00000000
0x0667C: TDWBAH25    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 25) 0x00000000
0x066BC: TDWBAH26    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 26) 0x00000000
0x066FC: TDWBAH27    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 27) 0x00000000
0x0673C: TDWBAH28    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 28) 0x00000000
0x0677C: TDWBAH29    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 29) 0x00000000
0x067BC: TDWBAH30    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 30) 0x00000000
0x067FC: TDWBAH31    (Tx Desc Compl. WB Addr High 31) 0x00000000
0x07E00: DTXCTL      (DMA Tx Control)                 0x00000000
0x07200: DCA_TXCTRL00 (Tx DCA Control 00)             0x00000000
0x07204: DCA_TXCTRL01 (Tx DCA Control 01)             0x00000000
0x07208: DCA_TXCTRL02 (Tx DCA Control 02)             0x00000000
0x0720C: DCA_TXCTRL03 (Tx DCA Control 03)             0x00002200
0x07210: DCA_TXCTRL04 (Tx DCA Control 04)             0x00000000
0x07214: DCA_TXCTRL05 (Tx DCA Control 05)             0x00000000
0x07218: DCA_TXCTRL06 (Tx DCA Control 06)             0x00000000
0x0721C: DCA_TXCTRL07 (Tx DCA Control 07)             0x00000000
0x07220: DCA_TXCTRL08 (Tx DCA Control 08)             0x00000000
0x07224: DCA_TXCTRL09 (Tx DCA Control 09)             0x00000000
0x07228: DCA_TXCTRL10 (Tx DCA Control 10)             0x00000000
0x0722C: DCA_TXCTRL11 (Tx DCA Control 11)             0x00000000
0x07230: DCA_TXCTRL12 (Tx DCA Control 12)             0x00000000
0x07234: DCA_TXCTRL13 (Tx DCA Control 13)             0x00030008
0x07238: DCA_TXCTRL14 (Tx DCA Control 14)             0x00000000
0x0723C: DCA_TXCTRL15 (Tx DCA Control 15)             0x00000000
0x0CC00: TXPBSIZE0   (Transmit Packet Buffer Size 0)  0x00028000
0x0CC04: TXPBSIZE1   (Transmit Packet Buffer Size 1)  0x00000000
0x0CC08: TXPBSIZE2   (Transmit Packet Buffer Size 2)  0x00000000
0x0CC0C: TXPBSIZE3   (Transmit Packet Buffer Size 3)  0x00000000
0x0CC10: TXPBSIZE4   (Transmit Packet Buffer Size 4)  0x00000000
0x0CC14: TXPBSIZE5   (Transmit Packet Buffer Size 5)  0x00000000
0x0CC18: TXPBSIZE6   (Transmit Packet Buffer Size 6)  0x00000000
0x0CC1C: TXPBSIZE7   (Transmit Packet Buffer Size 7)  0x00000000
0x0CD10: MNGTXMAP    (Manageability Tx TC Mapping)    0x00000000
0x05800: WUC         (Wake up Control)                0x00000010
0x05808: WUFC        (Wake Up Filter Control)         0x00000000
0x05810: WUS         (Wake Up Status)                 0x00000000
0x05838: IPAV        (IP Address Valid)               0x00000000
0x05840: IP4AT       (IPv4 Address Table)             0x00000000
0x05880: IP6AT       (IPv6 Address Table)             0x00000000
0x05900: WUPL        (Wake Up Packet Length)          0x00000000
0x05A00: WUPM        (Wake Up Packet Memory)          0x00000000
0x09000: FHFT        (Flexible Host Filter Table)     0x8440A204
0x04900: RTTDCS      (Tx Descr Plane Ctrl&Status)     0x00C00000
0x0CD00: RTTPCS      (Tx Pkt Plane Ctrl&Status)       0x89000000
0x02430: RTRPCS      (Rx Packet Plane Ctrl&Status)    0x60000000
0x02140: RTRPT4C0    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Config 0)    0x00000000
0x02144: RTRPT4C1    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Config 1)    0x00000000
0x02148: RTRPT4C2    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Config 2)    0x00000000
0x0214C: RTRPT4C3    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Config 3)    0x00000000
0x02150: RTRPT4C4    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Config 4)    0x00000000
0x02154: RTRPT4C5    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Config 5)    0x00000000
0x02158: RTRPT4C6    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Config 6)    0x00000000
0x0215C: RTRPT4C7    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Config 7)    0x00000000
0x02160: RTRPT4S0    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Status 0)    0x00000000
0x02164: RTRPT4S1    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Status 1)    0x00000000
0x02168: RTRPT4S2    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Status 2)    0x00000000
0x0216C: RTRPT4S3    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Status 3)    0x00000000
0x02170: RTRPT4S4    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Status 4)    0x00000000
0x02174: RTRPT4S5    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Status 5)    0x00000000
0x02178: RTRPT4S6    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Status 6)    0x00000000
0x0217C: RTRPT4S7    (Rx Packet Plane T4 Status 7)    0x00000000
0x04910: RTTDT2C0    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Config 0)     0x00000000
0x04914: RTTDT2C1    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Config 1)     0x00000000
0x04918: RTTDT2C2    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Config 2)     0x00000000
0x0491C: RTTDT2C3    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Config 3)     0x00000000
0x04920: RTTDT2C4    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Config 4)     0x00000000
0x04924: RTTDT2C5    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Config 5)     0x00000000
0x04928: RTTDT2C6    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Config 6)     0x00000000
0x0492C: RTTDT2C7    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Config 7)     0x00000000
0x04930: RTTDT2S0    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Status 0)     0x00000000
0x04934: RTTDT2S1    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Status 1)     0x00000000
0x04938: RTTDT2S2    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Status 2)     0x00000000
0x0493C: RTTDT2S3    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Status 3)     0x00000000
0x04940: RTTDT2S4    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Status 4)     0x00000000
0x04944: RTTDT2S5    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Status 5)     0x00000000
0x04948: RTTDT2S6    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Status 6)     0x00000000
0x0494C: RTTDT2S7    (Tx Descr Plane T2 Status 7)     0x00000000
0x0CD20: RTTPT2C0    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Config 0)    0x00000000
0x0CD24: RTTPT2C1    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Config 1)    0x00000000
0x0CD28: RTTPT2C2    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Config 2)    0x00000000
0x0CD2C: RTTPT2C3    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Config 3)    0x00000000
0x0CD30: RTTPT2C4    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Config 4)    0x00000000
0x0CD34: RTTPT2C5    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Config 5)    0x00000000
0x0CD38: RTTPT2C6    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Config 6)    0x00000000
0x0CD3C: RTTPT2C7    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Config 7)    0x00000000
0x0CD40: RTTPT2S0    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Status 0)    0x00000000
0x0CD44: RTTPT2S1    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Status 1)    0x00000000
0x0CD48: RTTPT2S2    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Status 2)    0x00000000
0x0CD4C: RTTPT2S3    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Status 3)    0x00000000
0x0CD50: RTTPT2S4    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Status 4)    0x00000000
0x0CD54: RTTPT2S5    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Status 5)    0x00000000
0x0CD58: RTTPT2S6    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Status 6)    0x00000000
0x0CD5C: RTTPT2S7    (Tx Packet Plane T2 Status 7)    0x00000000
0x03020: RTRUP2TC    (Rx User Prio to Traffic Classes)0x00000000
0x0C800: RTTUP2TC    (Tx User Prio to Traffic Classes)0x00000000
0x082E0: TXLLQ0      (Strict Low Lat Tx Queues 0)     0x00000000
0x082E4: TXLLQ1      (Strict Low Lat Tx Queues 1)     0x00000000
0x082E8: TXLLQ2      (Strict Low Lat Tx Queues 2)     0x00000000
0x082EC: TXLLQ3      (Strict Low Lat Tx Queues 3)     0x00000000
0x04980: RTTBCNRM    (DCB TX Rate Sched MMW)          0x00000000
0x0498C: RTTBCNRD    (DCB TX Rate-Scheduler Drift)    0x00000000
0x04000: crcerrs     (CRC Error Count)                0x00000000
0x04004: illerrc     (Illegal Byte Error Count)       0x00000000
0x04008: errbc       (Error Byte Count)               0x00000000
0x04010: mspdc       (MAC Short Packet Discard Count) 0x00000000
0x03FA0: mpc0        (Missed Packets Count 0)         0x00000000
0x03FA4: mpc1        (Missed Packets Count 1)         0x00000000
0x03FA8: mpc2        (Missed Packets Count 2)         0x00000000
0x03FAC: mpc3        (Missed Packets Count 3)         0x00000000
0x03FB0: mpc4        (Missed Packets Count 4)         0x00000000
0x03FB4: mpc5        (Missed Packets Count 5)         0x00000000
0x03FB8: mpc6        (Missed Packets Count 6)         0x00000000
0x03FBC: mpc7        (Missed Packets Count 7)         0x00000000
0x04034: mlfc        (MAC Local Fault Count)          0x00000000
0x04038: mrfc        (MAC Remote Fault Count)         0x00000000
0x04040: rlec        (Receive Length Error Count)     0x00000000
0x03F60: lxontxc     (Link XON Transmitted Count)     0x00000000
0x0CF60: lxonrxc     (Link XON Received Count)        0x00000000
0x03F68: lxofftxc    (Link XOFF Transmitted Count)    0x00000000
0x0CF68: lxoffrxc    (Link XOFF Received Count)       0x00000000
0x03F00: pxontxc0    (Priority XON Tx Count 0)        0x00000000
0x03F04: pxontxc1    (Priority XON Tx Count 1)        0x00000000
0x03F08: pxontxc2    (Priority XON Tx Count 2)        0x00000000
0x03F0C: pxontxc3    (Priority XON Tx Count 3)        0x00000000
0x03F10: pxontxc4    (Priority XON Tx Count 4)        0x00000000
0x03F14: pxontxc5    (Priority XON Tx Count 5)        0x00000000
0x03F18: pxontxc6    (Priority XON Tx Count 6)        0x00000000
0x03F1C: pxontxc7    (Priority XON Tx Count 7)        0x00000000
0x0CF00: pxonrxc0    (Priority XON Received Count 0)  0x00000000
0x0CF04: pxonrxc1    (Priority XON Received Count 1)  0x00000000
0x0CF08: pxonrxc2    (Priority XON Received Count 2)  0x00000000
0x0CF0C: pxonrxc3    (Priority XON Received Count 3)  0x00000000
0x0CF10: pxonrxc4    (Priority XON Received Count 4)  0x00000000
0x0CF14: pxonrxc5    (Priority XON Received Count 5)  0x00000000
0x0CF18: pxonrxc6    (Priority XON Received Count 6)  0x00000000
0x0CF1C: pxonrxc7    (Priority XON Received Count 7)  0x00000000
0x03F20: pxofftxc0   (Priority XOFF Tx Count 0)       0x00000000
0x03F24: pxofftxc1   (Priority XOFF Tx Count 1)       0x00000000
0x03F28: pxofftxc2   (Priority XOFF Tx Count 2)       0x00000000
0x03F2C: pxofftxc3   (Priority XOFF Tx Count 3)       0x00000000
0x03F30: pxofftxc4   (Priority XOFF Tx Count 4)       0x00000000
0x03F34: pxofftxc5   (Priority XOFF Tx Count 5)       0x00000000
0x03F38: pxofftxc6   (Priority XOFF Tx Count 6)       0x00000000
0x03F3C: pxofftxc7   (Priority XOFF Tx Count 7)       0x00000000
0x0CF20: pxoffrxc0   (Priority XOFF Received Count 0) 0x00000000
0x0CF24: pxoffrxc1   (Priority XOFF Received Count 1) 0x00000000
0x0CF28: pxoffrxc2   (Priority XOFF Received Count 2) 0x00000000
0x0CF2C: pxoffrxc3   (Priority XOFF Received Count 3) 0x00000000
0x0CF30: pxoffrxc4   (Priority XOFF Received Count 4) 0x00000000
0x0CF34: pxoffrxc5   (Priority XOFF Received Count 5) 0x00000000
0x0CF38: pxoffrxc6   (Priority XOFF Received Count 6) 0x00000000
0x0CF3C: pxoffrxc7   (Priority XOFF Received Count 7) 0x00000000
0x0405C: prc64       (Packets Received (64B) Count)   0x00000000
0x04060: prc127      (Packets Rx (65-127B) Count)     0x00000000
0x04064: prc255      (Packets Rx (128-255B) Count)    0x00000000
0x04068: prc511      (Packets Rx (256-511B) Count)    0x00000000
0x0406C: prc1023     (Packets Rx (512-1023B) Count)   0x00000000
0x04070: prc1522     (Packets Rx (1024-Max) Count)    0x00000000
0x04074: gprc        (Good Packets Received Count)    0x00000000
0x04078: bprc        (Broadcast Packets Rx Count)     0x00000000
0x0407C: mprc        (Multicast Packets Rx Count)     0x00000000
0x04080: gptc        (Good Packets Transmitted Count) 0x00000000
0x04088: gorcl       (Good Octets Rx Count Low)       0x00000000
0x0408C: gorch       (Good Octets Rx Count High)      0x00000000
0x04090: gotcl       (Good Octets Tx Count Low)       0x00000000
0x04094: gotch       (Good Octets Tx Count High)      0x00000000
0x03FC0: rnbc0       (Receive No Buffers Count 0)     0x00000000
0x03FC4: rnbc1       (Receive No Buffers Count 1)     0x00000000
0x03FC8: rnbc2       (Receive No Buffers Count 2)     0x00000000
0x03FCC: rnbc3       (Receive No Buffers Count 3)     0x00000000
0x03FD0: rnbc4       (Receive No Buffers Count 4)     0x00000000
0x03FD4: rnbc5       (Receive No Buffers Count 5)     0x00000000
0x03FD8: rnbc6       (Receive No Buffers Count 6)     0x00000000
0x03FDC: rnbc7       (Receive No Buffers Count 7)     0x00000000
0x040A4: ruc         (Receive Undersize count)        0x00000000
0x040A8: rfc         (Receive Fragment Count)         0x00000000
0x040AC: roc         (Receive Oversize Count)         0x00000000
0x040B0: rjc         (Receive Jabber Count)           0x00000000
0x040B4: mngprc      (Management Packets Rx Count)    0x00000000
0x040B8: mngpdc      (Management Pkts Dropped Count)  0x00000000
0x0CF90: mngptc      (Management Packets Tx Count)    0x00000000
0x040C0: torl        (Total Octets Rx Count Low)      0x00000000
0x040C4: torh        (Total Octets Rx Count High)     0x00000000
0x040D0: tpr         (Total Packets Received)         0x00000000
0x040D4: tpt         (Total Packets Transmitted)      0x00000000
0x040D8: ptc64       (Packets Tx (64B) Count)         0x00000000
0x040DC: ptc127      (Packets Tx (65-127B) Count)     0x00000000
0x040E0: ptc255      (Packets Tx (128-255B) Count)    0x00000000
0x040E4: ptc511      (Packets Tx (256-511B) Count)    0x00000000
0x040E8: ptc1023     (Packets Tx (512-1023B) Count)   0x00000000
0x040EC: ptc1522     (Packets Tx (1024-Max) Count)    0x00000000
0x040F0: mptc        (Multicast Packets Tx Count)     0x00000000
0x040F4: bptc        (Broadcast Packets Tx Count)     0x00000000
0x04120: xec         (XSUM Error Count)               0x00000000
0x01030: qprc00      (Queue Packets Rx Count 00)      0x00000000
0x01070: qprc01      (Queue Packets Rx Count 01)      0x00000000
0x010B0: qprc02      (Queue Packets Rx Count 02)      0x00000000
0x010F0: qprc03      (Queue Packets Rx Count 03)      0x00000000
0x01130: qprc04      (Queue Packets Rx Count 04)      0x00000000
0x01170: qprc05      (Queue Packets Rx Count 05)      0x00000000
0x011B0: qprc06      (Queue Packets Rx Count 06)      0x00000000
0x011F0: qprc07      (Queue Packets Rx Count 07)      0x00000000
0x01230: qprc08      (Queue Packets Rx Count 08)      0x00000000
0x01270: qprc09      (Queue Packets Rx Count 09)      0x00000000
0x012B0: qprc10      (Queue Packets Rx Count 10)      0x00000000
0x012F0: qprc11      (Queue Packets Rx Count 11)      0x00000000
0x01330: qprc12      (Queue Packets Rx Count 12)      0x00000000
0x01370: qprc13      (Queue Packets Rx Count 13)      0x00000000
0x013B0: qprc14      (Queue Packets Rx Count 14)      0x00000000
0x013F0: qprc15      (Queue Packets Rx Count 15)      0x00000000
0x06030: qptc00      (Queue Packets Tx Count 00)      0x00000000
0x06070: qptc01      (Queue Packets Tx Count 01)      0x00000000
0x060B0: qptc02      (Queue Packets Tx Count 02)      0x00000000
0x060F0: qptc03      (Queue Packets Tx Count 03)      0x00000000
0x06130: qptc04      (Queue Packets Tx Count 04)      0x00000000
0x06170: qptc05      (Queue Packets Tx Count 05)      0x00000000
0x061B0: qptc06      (Queue Packets Tx Count 06)      0x00000000
0x061F0: qptc07      (Queue Packets Tx Count 07)      0x00000000
0x06230: qptc08      (Queue Packets Tx Count 08)      0x00000000
0x06270: qptc09      (Queue Packets Tx Count 09)      0x00000000
0x062B0: qptc10      (Queue Packets Tx Count 10)      0x00000000
0x062F0: qptc11      (Queue Packets Tx Count 11)      0x00000000
0x06330: qptc12      (Queue Packets Tx Count 12)      0x00000000
0x06370: qptc13      (Queue Packets Tx Count 13)      0x00000000
0x063B0: qptc14      (Queue Packets Tx Count 14)      0x00000000
0x063F0: qptc15      (Queue Packets Tx Count 15)      0x00000000
0x01034: qbrc00      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 00)        0x00000000
0x01074: qbrc01      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 01)        0x00000000
0x010B4: qbrc02      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 02)        0x00000000
0x010F4: qbrc03      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 03)        0x00000000
0x01134: qbrc04      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 04)        0x00000000
0x01174: qbrc05      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 05)        0x00000000
0x011B4: qbrc06      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 06)        0x00000000
0x011F4: qbrc07      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 07)        0x00000000
0x01234: qbrc08      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 08)        0x00000000
0x01274: qbrc09      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 09)        0x00000000
0x012B4: qbrc10      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 10)        0x00000000
0x012F4: qbrc11      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 11)        0x00000000
0x01334: qbrc12      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 12)        0x00000000
0x01374: qbrc13      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 13)        0x00000000
0x013B4: qbrc14      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 14)        0x00000000
0x013F4: qbrc15      (Queue Bytes Rx Count 15)        0x00000000
0x06034: qbtc00      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 00)        0x00000000
0x06074: qbtc01      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 01)        0x00000000
0x060B4: qbtc02      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 02)        0x00000000
0x060F4: qbtc03      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 03)        0x00000000
0x06134: qbtc04      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 04)        0x00000000
0x06174: qbtc05      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 05)        0x00000000
0x061B4: qbtc06      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 06)        0x00000000
0x061F4: qbtc07      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 07)        0x00000000
0x06234: qbtc08      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 08)        0x00000000
0x06274: qbtc09      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 09)        0x00000000
0x062B4: qbtc10      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 10)        0x00000000
0x062F4: qbtc11      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 11)        0x00000000
0x06334: qbtc12      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 12)        0x00000000
0x06374: qbtc13      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 13)        0x00000000
0x063B4: qbtc14      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 14)        0x00000000
0x063F4: qbtc15      (Queue Bytes Tx Count 15)        0x00000000
0x04200: PCS1GCFIG   (PCS_1G Gloabal Config 1)        0x80000008
0x04208: PCS1GLCTL   (PCS_1G Link Control)            0x0204000E
0x0420C: PCS1GLSTA   (PCS_1G Link Status)             0x0000000E
0x04210: PCS1GDBG0   (PCS_1G Debug 0)                 0x00000060
0x04214: PCS1GDBG1   (PCS_1G Debug 1)                 0x00001010
0x04218: PCS1GANA    (PCS-1G Auto Neg. Adv.)          0x000001A0
0x0421C: PCS1GANLP   (PCS-1G AN LP Ability)           0x00000000
0x04220: PCS1GANNP   (PCS_1G Auto Neg Next Page Tx)   0x00000000
0x04224: PCS1GANLPNP (PCS_1G Auto Neg LPs Next Page)  0x00000000
0x04244: HLREG1      (Highlander Status 1)            0x00000101
0x04248: PAP         (Pause and Pace)                 0x0000FFFF
0x0424C: MACA        (MDI Auto-Scan Command and Addr) 0x22000000
0x04250: APAE        (Auto-Scan PHY Address Enable)   0x00000000
0x04254: ARD         (Auto-Scan Read Data)            0x00000000
0x04258: AIS         (Auto-Scan Interrupt Status)     0x00000000
0x0425C: MSCA        (MDI Single Command and Addr)    0x10000000
0x04260: MSRWD       (MDI Single Read and Write Data) 0x00000000
0x04264: MLADD       (MAC Address Low)                0x00000000
0x04268: MHADD       (MAC Addr High/Max Frame size)   0x05EE0000
0x0426C: TREG        (Test Register)                  0x00040000
0x04288: PCSS1       (XGXS Status 1)                  0x00000080
0x0428C: PCSS2       (XGXS Status 2)                  0x00008400
0x04290: XPCSS       (10GBASE-X PCS Status)           0x00000000
0x04298: SERDESC     (SERDES Interface Control)       0x1B1B0000
0x0429C: MACS        (FIFO Status/CNTL Report)        0x061F02F0
0x042A0: AUTOC       (Auto Negotiation Control)       0xC09C6084
0x042A8: AUTOC2      (Auto Negotiation Control 2)     0x000A0000
0x042AC: AUTOC3      (Auto Negotiation Control 3)     0x00000000
0x042B0: ANLP1       (Auto Neg Lnk Part. Ctrl Word 1) 0x00080000
0x042B4: ANLP2       (Auto Neg Lnk Part. Ctrl Word 2) 0x00000000
0x02F20: RDPROBE     (Rx Probe Mode Status)           0x00000000
0x07C20: TDSTATCTL   (Tx DMA Statistic Control)       0x00000000
0x07C00: TDSTAT0     (Tx DMA Statistics 0)            0x00000000
0x07C04: TDSTAT1     (Tx DMA Statistics 1)            0x00000000
0x07C08: TDSTAT2     (Tx DMA Statistics 2)            0x00000000
0x07C0C: TDSTAT3     (Tx DMA Statistics 3)            0x00002200
0x07C10: TDSTAT4     (Tx DMA Statistics 4)            0x00000000
0x07C14: TDSTAT5     (Tx DMA Statistics 5)            0x00000000
0x07C18: TDSTAT6     (Tx DMA Statistics 6)            0x00000000
0x07C1C: TDSTAT7     (Tx DMA Statistics 7)            0x00000000
0x07F08: TDHMPN      (Tx Desc Handler Mem Page Num)   0x00000000
0x07F10: TIC_DW0     (Tx Desc Hand. Mem Read Data 0)  0x00000000
0x07F14: TIC_DW1     (Tx Desc Hand. Mem Read Data 1)  0x00000000
0x07F18: TIC_DW2     (Tx Desc Hand. Mem Read Data 2)  0x00000000
0x07F1C: TIC_DW3     (Tx Desc Hand. Mem Read Data 3)  0x00000000
0x07F20: TDPROBE     (Tx Probe Mode Status)           0x00000000
0x0C600: TXBUFCTRL   (TX Buffer Access Control)       0x00000000
0x0C610: TXBUFDATA0  (TX Buffer DATA 0)               0x00000000
0x0C614: TXBUFDATA1  (TX Buffer DATA 1)               0x00000000
0x0C618: TXBUFDATA2  (TX Buffer DATA 2)               0x00000000
0x0C61C: TXBUFDATA3  (TX Buffer DATA 3)               0x00000000
0x03600: RXBUFCTRL   (RX Buffer Access Control)       0x00000000
0x03610: RXBUFDATA0  (RX Buffer DATA 0)               0x00000000
0x03614: RXBUFDATA1  (RX Buffer DATA 1)               0x00000000
0x03618: RXBUFDATA2  (RX Buffer DATA 2)               0x00000000
0x0361C: RXBUFDATA3  (RX Buffer DATA 3)               0x00000000
0x11090: PCIE_DIAG0  (PCIe Diagnostic 0)              0x00BA3BDF
0x11094: PCIE_DIAG1  (PCIe Diagnostic 1)              0x001F0003
0x11098: PCIE_DIAG2  (PCIe Diagnostic 2)              0x00000000
0x1109C: PCIE_DIAG3  (PCIe Diagnostic 3)              0xFFFF1003
0x110A0: PCIE_DIAG4  (PCIe Diagnostic 4)              0x10A6FFFF
0x110A4: PCIE_DIAG5  (PCIe Diagnostic 5)              0x07F70001
0x110A8: PCIE_DIAG6  (PCIe Diagnostic 6)              0x173F073F
0x110AC: PCIE_DIAG7  (PCIe Diagnostic 7)              0x10FB10FB
0x050A4: RFVAL       (Receive Filter Validation)      0x00000000
0x042B8: MDFTC1      (MAC DFT Control 1)              0x1E000000
0x042C0: MDFTC2      (MAC DFT Control 2)              0x78400000
0x042C4: MDFTFIFO1   (MAC DFT FIFO 1)                 0x0FAC14FA
0x042C8: MDFTFIFO2   (MAC DFT FIFO 2)                 0x00000305
0x042CC: MDFTS       (MAC DFT Status)                 0x00000000

eth -S eth0

NIC statistics:
     rx_packets: 0
     tx_packets: 0
     rx_bytes: 0
     tx_bytes: 0
     rx_pkts_nic: 0
     tx_pkts_nic: 0
     rx_bytes_nic: 0
     tx_bytes_nic: 0
     lsc_int: 0
     tx_busy: 0
     non_eop_descs: 0
     rx_errors: 0
     tx_errors: 0
     rx_dropped: 0
     tx_dropped: 0
     multicast: 0
     broadcast: 0
     rx_no_buffer_count: 0
     collisions: 0
     rx_over_errors: 0
     rx_crc_errors: 0
     rx_frame_errors: 0
     hw_rsc_aggregated: 0
     hw_rsc_flushed: 0
     fdir_match: 0
     fdir_miss: 0
     fdir_overflow: 0
     rx_fifo_errors: 0
     rx_missed_errors: 0
     tx_aborted_errors: 0
     tx_carrier_errors: 0
     tx_fifo_errors: 0
     tx_heartbeat_errors: 0
     tx_timeout_count: 0
     tx_restart_queue: 0
     rx_long_length_errors: 0
     rx_short_length_errors: 0
     tx_flow_control_xon: 0
     rx_flow_control_xon: 0
     tx_flow_control_xoff: 0
     rx_flow_control_xoff: 0
     rx_csum_offload_errors: 0
     alloc_rx_page_failed: 0
     alloc_rx_buff_failed: 0
     rx_no_dma_resources: 0
     os2bmc_rx_by_bmc: 0
     os2bmc_tx_by_bmc: 0
     os2bmc_tx_by_host: 0
     os2bmc_rx_by_host: 0
     fcoe_bad_fccrc: 0
     rx_fcoe_dropped: 0
     rx_fcoe_packets: 0
     rx_fcoe_dwords: 0
     fcoe_noddp: 0
     fcoe_noddp_ext_buff: 0
     tx_fcoe_packets: 0
     tx_fcoe_dwords: 0
     tx_queue_0_packets: 0
     tx_queue_0_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_0_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_0_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_0_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_1_packets: 0
     tx_queue_1_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_1_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_1_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_1_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_2_packets: 0
     tx_queue_2_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_2_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_2_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_2_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_3_packets: 0
     tx_queue_3_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_3_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_3_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_3_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_4_packets: 0
     tx_queue_4_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_4_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_4_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_4_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_5_packets: 0
     tx_queue_5_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_5_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_5_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_5_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_6_packets: 0
     tx_queue_6_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_6_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_6_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_6_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_7_packets: 0
     tx_queue_7_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_7_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_7_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_7_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_8_packets: 0
     tx_queue_8_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_8_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_8_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_8_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_9_packets: 0
     tx_queue_9_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_9_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_9_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_9_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_10_packets: 0
     tx_queue_10_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_10_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_10_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_10_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_11_packets: 0
     tx_queue_11_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_11_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_11_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_11_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_12_packets: 0
     tx_queue_12_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_12_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_12_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_12_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_13_packets: 0
     tx_queue_13_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_13_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_13_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_13_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_14_packets: 0
     tx_queue_14_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_14_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_14_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_14_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_15_packets: 0
     tx_queue_15_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_15_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_15_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_15_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_16_packets: 0
     tx_queue_16_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_16_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_16_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_16_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_17_packets: 0
     tx_queue_17_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_17_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_17_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_17_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_18_packets: 0
     tx_queue_18_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_18_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_18_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_18_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_19_packets: 0
     tx_queue_19_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_19_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_19_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_19_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_20_packets: 0
     tx_queue_20_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_20_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_20_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_20_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_21_packets: 0
     tx_queue_21_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_21_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_21_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_21_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_22_packets: 0
     tx_queue_22_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_22_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_22_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_22_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_23_packets: 0
     tx_queue_23_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_23_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_23_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_23_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_24_packets: 0
     tx_queue_24_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_24_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_24_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_24_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_25_packets: 0
     tx_queue_25_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_25_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_25_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_25_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_26_packets: 0
     tx_queue_26_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_26_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_26_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_26_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_27_packets: 0
     tx_queue_27_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_27_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_27_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_27_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_28_packets: 0
     tx_queue_28_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_28_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_28_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_28_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_29_packets: 0
     tx_queue_29_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_29_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_29_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_29_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_30_packets: 0
     tx_queue_30_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_30_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_30_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_30_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_31_packets: 0
     tx_queue_31_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_31_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_31_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_31_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_32_packets: 0
     tx_queue_32_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_32_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_32_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_32_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_33_packets: 0
     tx_queue_33_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_33_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_33_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_33_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_34_packets: 0
     tx_queue_34_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_34_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_34_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_34_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_35_packets: 0
     tx_queue_35_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_35_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_35_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_35_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_36_packets: 0
     tx_queue_36_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_36_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_36_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_36_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_37_packets: 0
     tx_queue_37_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_37_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_37_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_37_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_38_packets: 0
     tx_queue_38_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_38_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_38_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_38_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_39_packets: 0
     tx_queue_39_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_39_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_39_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_39_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_40_packets: 0
     tx_queue_40_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_40_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_40_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_40_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_41_packets: 0
     tx_queue_41_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_41_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_41_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_41_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_42_packets: 0
     tx_queue_42_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_42_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_42_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_42_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_43_packets: 0
     tx_queue_43_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_43_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_43_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_43_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_44_packets: 0
     tx_queue_44_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_44_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_44_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_44_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_45_packets: 0
     tx_queue_45_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_45_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_45_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_45_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_46_packets: 0
     tx_queue_46_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_46_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_46_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_46_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_47_packets: 0
     tx_queue_47_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_47_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_47_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_47_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_48_packets: 0
     tx_queue_48_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_48_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_48_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_48_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_49_packets: 0
     tx_queue_49_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_49_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_49_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_49_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_50_packets: 0
     tx_queue_50_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_50_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_50_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_50_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_51_packets: 0
     tx_queue_51_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_51_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_51_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_51_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_52_packets: 0
     tx_queue_52_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_52_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_52_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_52_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_53_packets: 0
     tx_queue_53_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_53_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_53_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_53_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_54_packets: 0
     tx_queue_54_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_54_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_54_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_54_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_55_packets: 0
     tx_queue_55_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_55_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_55_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_55_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_56_packets: 0
     tx_queue_56_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_56_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_56_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_56_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_57_packets: 0
     tx_queue_57_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_57_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_57_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_57_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_58_packets: 0
     tx_queue_58_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_58_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_58_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_58_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_59_packets: 0
     tx_queue_59_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_59_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_59_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_59_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_60_packets: 0
     tx_queue_60_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_60_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_60_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_60_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_61_packets: 0
     tx_queue_61_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_61_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_61_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_61_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_62_packets: 0
     tx_queue_62_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_62_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_62_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_62_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_queue_63_packets: 0
     tx_queue_63_bytes: 0
     tx_queue_63_bp_napi_yield: 0
     tx_queue_63_bp_misses: 0
     tx_queue_63_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_0_packets: 0
     rx_queue_0_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_0_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_0_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_0_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_1_packets: 0
     rx_queue_1_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_1_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_1_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_1_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_2_packets: 0
     rx_queue_2_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_2_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_2_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_2_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_3_packets: 0
     rx_queue_3_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_3_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_3_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_3_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_4_packets: 0
     rx_queue_4_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_4_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_4_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_4_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_5_packets: 0
     rx_queue_5_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_5_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_5_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_5_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_6_packets: 0
     rx_queue_6_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_6_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_6_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_6_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_7_packets: 0
     rx_queue_7_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_7_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_7_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_7_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_8_packets: 0
     rx_queue_8_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_8_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_8_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_8_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_9_packets: 0
     rx_queue_9_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_9_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_9_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_9_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_10_packets: 0
     rx_queue_10_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_10_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_10_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_10_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_11_packets: 0
     rx_queue_11_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_11_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_11_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_11_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_12_packets: 0
     rx_queue_12_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_12_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_12_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_12_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_13_packets: 0
     rx_queue_13_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_13_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_13_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_13_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_14_packets: 0
     rx_queue_14_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_14_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_14_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_14_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_15_packets: 0
     rx_queue_15_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_15_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_15_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_15_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_16_packets: 0
     rx_queue_16_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_16_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_16_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_16_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_17_packets: 0
     rx_queue_17_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_17_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_17_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_17_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_18_packets: 0
     rx_queue_18_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_18_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_18_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_18_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_19_packets: 0
     rx_queue_19_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_19_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_19_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_19_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_20_packets: 0
     rx_queue_20_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_20_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_20_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_20_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_21_packets: 0
     rx_queue_21_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_21_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_21_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_21_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_22_packets: 0
     rx_queue_22_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_22_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_22_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_22_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_23_packets: 0
     rx_queue_23_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_23_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_23_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_23_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_24_packets: 0
     rx_queue_24_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_24_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_24_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_24_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_25_packets: 0
     rx_queue_25_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_25_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_25_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_25_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_26_packets: 0
     rx_queue_26_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_26_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_26_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_26_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_27_packets: 0
     rx_queue_27_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_27_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_27_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_27_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_28_packets: 0
     rx_queue_28_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_28_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_28_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_28_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_29_packets: 0
     rx_queue_29_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_29_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_29_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_29_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_30_packets: 0
     rx_queue_30_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_30_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_30_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_30_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_31_packets: 0
     rx_queue_31_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_31_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_31_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_31_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_32_packets: 0
     rx_queue_32_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_32_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_32_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_32_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_33_packets: 0
     rx_queue_33_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_33_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_33_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_33_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_34_packets: 0
     rx_queue_34_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_34_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_34_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_34_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_35_packets: 0
     rx_queue_35_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_35_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_35_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_35_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_36_packets: 0
     rx_queue_36_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_36_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_36_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_36_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_37_packets: 0
     rx_queue_37_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_37_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_37_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_37_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_38_packets: 0
     rx_queue_38_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_38_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_38_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_38_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_39_packets: 0
     rx_queue_39_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_39_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_39_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_39_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_40_packets: 0
     rx_queue_40_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_40_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_40_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_40_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_41_packets: 0
     rx_queue_41_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_41_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_41_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_41_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_42_packets: 0
     rx_queue_42_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_42_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_42_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_42_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_43_packets: 0
     rx_queue_43_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_43_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_43_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_43_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_44_packets: 0
     rx_queue_44_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_44_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_44_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_44_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_45_packets: 0
     rx_queue_45_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_45_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_45_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_45_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_46_packets: 0
     rx_queue_46_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_46_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_46_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_46_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_47_packets: 0
     rx_queue_47_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_47_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_47_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_47_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_48_packets: 0
     rx_queue_48_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_48_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_48_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_48_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_49_packets: 0
     rx_queue_49_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_49_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_49_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_49_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_50_packets: 0
     rx_queue_50_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_50_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_50_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_50_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_51_packets: 0
     rx_queue_51_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_51_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_51_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_51_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_52_packets: 0
     rx_queue_52_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_52_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_52_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_52_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_53_packets: 0
     rx_queue_53_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_53_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_53_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_53_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_54_packets: 0
     rx_queue_54_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_54_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_54_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_54_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_55_packets: 0
     rx_queue_55_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_55_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_55_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_55_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_56_packets: 0
     rx_queue_56_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_56_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_56_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_56_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_57_packets: 0
     rx_queue_57_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_57_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_57_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_57_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_58_packets: 0
     rx_queue_58_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_58_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_58_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_58_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_59_packets: 0
     rx_queue_59_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_59_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_59_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_59_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_60_packets: 0
     rx_queue_60_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_60_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_60_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_60_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_61_packets: 0
     rx_queue_61_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_61_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_61_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_61_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_62_packets: 0
     rx_queue_62_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_62_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_62_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_62_bp_cleaned: 0
     rx_queue_63_packets: 0
     rx_queue_63_bytes: 0
     rx_queue_63_bp_poll_yield: 0
     rx_queue_63_bp_misses: 0
     rx_queue_63_bp_cleaned: 0
     tx_pb_0_pxon: 0
     tx_pb_0_pxoff: 0
     tx_pb_1_pxon: 0
     tx_pb_1_pxoff: 0
     tx_pb_2_pxon: 0
     tx_pb_2_pxoff: 0
     tx_pb_3_pxon: 0
     tx_pb_3_pxoff: 0
     tx_pb_4_pxon: 0
     tx_pb_4_pxoff: 0
     tx_pb_5_pxon: 0
     tx_pb_5_pxoff: 0
     tx_pb_6_pxon: 0
     tx_pb_6_pxoff: 0
     tx_pb_7_pxon: 0
     tx_pb_7_pxoff: 0
     rx_pb_0_pxon: 0
     rx_pb_0_pxoff: 0
     rx_pb_1_pxon: 0
     rx_pb_1_pxoff: 0
     rx_pb_2_pxon: 0
     rx_pb_2_pxoff: 0
     rx_pb_3_pxon: 0
     rx_pb_3_pxoff: 0
     rx_pb_4_pxon: 0
     rx_pb_4_pxoff: 0
     rx_pb_5_pxon: 0
     rx_pb_5_pxoff: 0
     rx_pb_6_pxon: 0
     rx_pb_6_pxoff: 0
     rx_pb_7_pxon: 0
     rx_pb_7_pxoff: 0

ethtool -P:

Permanent address: 00:0b:2f:17:f6:90

Please post:

lsmod | sort
inxi -Fxxxza --no-host
lspci -knnvvv | grep -i net
grep -r "blacklist\|install\|options"  /etc/modprobe.d/ /etc/modules-load.d/ /usr/lib/modprobe.d/ 
sudo dmesg | grep -Ei 'ixgbe|eth0|enp'
journalctl --boot 0 | grep ixgbe | head -n30
hwinfo --netcard --bluetooth | grep -Ei "(speed|hotplug|model|status|cmd|file|detected|driver:)" | grep -v "Config S"  

What is the make/brand of both adapters realtek/intel/broadcom etc.

Are both adapters the same make/model?

Are you attempting to use these adapters in a Virtual Machine?

Can you disable one adapter or the other in your bios?

Latest Intel ixgbe driver source:

8250_pci               44339  0
async_memcpy            1730  1 raid456
async_pq                3843  1 raid456
async_raid6_recov       2478  1 raid456
async_tx                2800  5 async_pq,raid456,async_xor,async_memcpy,async_raid6_recov
async_xor               2573  2 async_pq,raid456
atkbd                  21700  0
hwmon                   5103  1 ixgbe
input_leds              4142  0
ipmi_devintf            9216  0
ipmi_msghandler        48837  1 ipmi_devintf
ip_tables              14858  0
ipv6                  501190  56
ixgbe                 291826  0
led_class               6695  1 input_leds
libps2                  7316  1 atkbd
mdio                    5189  1 ixgbe
megaraid_sas          140117  0
Module                  Size  Used by
multipath               8786  0
raid456               112228  0
sd_mod                 43953  5
sg                     39041  0
sunrpc                297735  1
usb_storage            61107  1
x_tables               22364  1 ip_tables
Error 7: One of the options you entered in your script parameters: -Fxxxza
is not supported.The option may require extra arguments to work.
For supported options (and their arguments), check the help menu: inxi -h

[quote="tbg, post:2, topic:103474"]

lspci -knnvvv | grep -i net
0000:01:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection [8086:10fb] (rev 01)
0000:01:00.1 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection [8086:10fb] (rev 01)
0001:24:0c.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Device [5656:000c]
0001:24:0c.1 Ethernet controller [0200]: Device [5656:010c]`
/etc/modprobe.d/mdadm.conf:options md_mod start_ro=1
/lib/modprobe.d/aliases.conf:options snd-pcsp index=-2
/lib/modprobe.d/aliases.conf:options snd-usb-audio index=-2
/lib/modprobe.d/aliases.conf:options cx88_alsa index=-2
/lib/modprobe.d/aliases.conf:options snd-atiixp-modem index=-2
/lib/modprobe.d/aliases.conf:options snd-intel8x0m index=-2
/lib/modprobe.d/aliases.conf:options snd-via82xx-modem index=-2
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:# This file blacklists most old-style PCI framebuffer drivers.
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist arkfb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist aty128fb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist atyfb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist radeonfb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist cirrusfb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist cyber2000fb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist kyrofb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist matroxfb_base
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist mb862xxfb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist neofb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist pm2fb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist pm3fb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist s3fb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist savagefb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist sisfb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist tdfxfb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist tridentfb
/lib/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf:blacklist vt8623fb
[   13.008000] ixgbe: Intel(R) 10 Gigabit PCI Express Network Driver - version 4.2.1-k
[   13.012000] ixgbe: Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Intel Corporation.
[   14.636000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: Multiqueue Enabled: Rx Queue count = 16, Tx Queue count = 16
[   14.640000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: PCI Express bandwidth of 32GT/s available
[   14.644000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: (Speed:5.0GT/s, Width: x8, Encoding Loss:20%)
[   14.648000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: MAC: 2, PHY: 1, PBA No: FFFFFF-0FF
[   14.652000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: 00:0b:2f:17:f6:90
[   14.832000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: Intel(R) 10 Gigabit Network Connection
[   14.836000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: enabling device (0000 -> 0002)
[   16.252000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: Multiqueue Enabled: Rx Queue count = 16, Tx Queue count = 16
[   16.256000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: PCI Express bandwidth of 32GT/s available
[   16.260000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: (Speed:5.0GT/s, Width: x8, Encoding Loss:20%)
[   16.264000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: MAC: 2, PHY: 1, PBA No: FFFFFF-0FF
[   16.268000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: 00:0b:2f:17:f6:91
[   16.452000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: Intel(R) 10 Gigabit Network Connection
[   30.052000] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready
[   30.124000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: registered PHC device on eth0
[   30.228000] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready
[   30.308000] ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: registered PHC device on eth1
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe: Intel(R) 10 Gigabit PCI Express Network Driver - version 4.2.1-k
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe: Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Intel Corporation.
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: Multiqueue Enabled: Rx Queue count = 16, Tx Queue count = 16
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: PCI Express bandwidth of 32GT/s available
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: (Speed:5.0GT/s, Width: x8, Encoding Loss:20%)
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: MAC: 2, PHY: 1, PBA No: FFFFFF-0FF
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: 00:0b:2f:17:f6:90
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: Intel(R) 10 Gigabit Network Connection
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: enabling device (0000 -> 0002)
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: Multiqueue Enabled: Rx Queue count = 16, Tx Queue count = 16
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: PCI Express bandwidth of 32GT/s available
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: (Speed:5.0GT/s, Width: x8, Encoding Loss:20%)
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: MAC: 2, PHY: 1, PBA No: FFFFFF-0FF
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: 00:0b:2f:17:f6:91
9月 18 05:11:21 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: Intel(R) 10 Gigabit Network Connection
9月 18 05:11:30 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.0: registered PHC device on eth0
9月 18 05:11:30 linux kernel: ixgbe 0000:01:00.1: registered PHC device on eth1
  Model: "Ethernet controller"
  Model: "Ethernet controller"
  Model: "Intel 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection"
  Driver: "ixgbe"
  Device File: eth0
  Link detected: no
    Driver Status: ixgbe is active
    Driver Activation Cmd: "modprobe ixgbe"
  Model: "Intel 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection"
  Driver: "ixgbe"
  Device File: eth1
  Link detected: no
    Driver Status: ixgbe is active
    Driver Activation Cmd: "modprobe ixgbe"

To verify



Try these commands:

sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager; sudo ip link set eth0 down; sudo modprobe -r ixgbe; sleep 3; sudo modprobe ixgbe; sudo ip link set eth0 up; sudo systemctl start NetworkManager
sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager; sudo ip link set eth1 down; sudo modprobe -r ixgbe; sleep 3; sudo modprobe ixgbe; sudo ip link set eth1 up; sudo systemctl start NetworkManager

Please post:

inxi -Fxxxz

If the newest ixgbe driver from the intel download link I posted does not work for you then I would seriously consider downgrading the linux-firmware package as the Intel firmware has been causing problems lately.

Here is a post explaining how to downgrade the linux-firmware:

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You have not provided any background information regarding your issue.

  1. Have both these adapters worked in the past with Manjaro?

  2. Is this a fresh install, or did your networking break after a recent update?

  3. Have you made any modifications to the standard network configuration?

  4. Have you tested any alternate boot disks (Manjaro or others)?

  5. Does your LAN work on alternate boot disks?

  6. Have you installed and tested alternate kernels? (list)

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thanks for you help. I finnaly find that ich on motherboard opens stmmacro, so I
need to open CONFIG_STMMAC_* and modify some stmmac driver codes...

Your last post makes very little sense. Could you please post some links or sources for your information regarding this. These are both intel adapters with drivers included in the kernel, what you are describing should not be necessary.

IMO your best bet is to downgrade the linux-firmware as I posted earlier.

The only information I can find online regarding "CONFIG_STMMAC" is in obscure posts referring to the Linux headers. So perhaps installing the linux-headers package may be of some use.

You have answered none of my numerous questions I posted regarding information about these adapters or your system. Please provide more information as requested if you would like assistance with your issue.

first at all, I sincerely appreciated for your help.

This question is raised from my work: some dudes(server vendor) did some modifications on their hardware(open stmmacro on ich2).

So, this question finally turns out to be a hardware problem and need some patch from vendor.

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