Intel D945gclf2 manjaro install but wont boot

Hellos peoples

I got 16.08 installed into my d945gclf2 with no issues but it wont boot after restart. If i boot from the live cd and then select boot installed it boots no problem into the HD install .. did i miss something else i had to do??

Why 16.08? That is so out of date it is not worth bothering with? Manjaro is a rolling distribution so you should use the latest available ISO from the website instead.

Then come back if you are still having problems.

I'm afraid you're going to have to provide just a little bit more information than that. :wink:

  1. Is this a BIOS system or an UEFI system? If the latter, is it set up to boot in UEFI mode first or in "legacy BIOS " mode?
  2. What type of partitioning did you use ─ MS-DOS or GPT?
  3. If a BIOS system and GPT partitioning, did you create an unformatted partition of type BIOS at the start of the drive?
  4. If a UEFI system, did you create an EFI system partition, and if so, did you set it up with the "boot" and "esp" flags?
  5. Where/how did you install the boot loader?
  6. How exactly do you define "It won't boot after a restart"? What exactly happens? What do you see on the screen?

Inquiring minds want to know... :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. its a legacy bios and i dont even know what its set up to boot in i just did the default install.
  2. it did create a msdos i see for what i dont know..the promary is set up for ext4.
    3 no
    4 not uefi
    5 it never installed a boot loader or even asked
    6after restart it just sit on a black screen and blinks a cursur and never loads a grub

i did that and it does teh exact same thing..finishes the install asks to restart and when it restarts it just sits in black screen limbo with a blinking cursor..

and i really dont need updates since its used as a offine computer and pretty much will never see the internet

heres what my pea brain has come up with.. doing a reg default install doesnt install grub.. i install another distro and when asked didnt install grub and when it restars it does he exact same black screen with teh cursor.. pop in the live cd install grub and reboot and bamm grub the install 1 either is not installing grub or i have to install it maually .. tried it with 4 distros and the only one not working first shot in manjaro..linuxlite installed first time sda ext4 linux swap 3gb file pulled teh cd and rebooted and boom loads right up. so i dont know..any suggestions without getting the computer online?

i did that with teh newest software and it does the exact same thing when it restarts(black screen and blinking cursor) so what going on here?

the Bootloader is broken.. imagine that looks like i was right
Using livecd v17.0.1 (and above) as grub to boot OS with broken bootloader

We really recommend you use the latest available ISO to preclude past installer issues. Please do so.


Ok well i just got the latest and installed it .. all default install and it does the same thing black screen blinking cursor. so now what? When i start with no live cd it does nothing.. no grub screen to select the distro to load.

figured it out.. boot flag! now works

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please share the flags you figured out and entered so that anyone else with the same hardware can benefit too.

I let manjaro set the partition size and swap file size and didnt change anything probally like most newbies but after the install ya have to reboot with the liveCD so you can load Gparted and set the primay partition to boot heres how i did that.. Entered Gparted right clicked on the primary partition not the swap and clicked on the where it says flags then it opens a list of chk boxes i ticked on the box "Boot"and on restart i removed the livecd from thd tray powered on and it booted manjaro like it should have from the hard drive. Basicly even if you do an install without touching a thing ya still have to load the livecd to set that "boot" flag chk box for the OS to boot from the hard drive other wise youll be in black screen blinking cursor land.

Thanks for haning in there with me till i figured it out.. I have some experence with linux but that was longer ago so i really had to jog my rotting cabbage of a mind to think about what it could have been. Some other distros set that partition bootable right off the bat so after the install it just works and boots also the other thing that threw me off was iam not seeing the grub screen and if i did see taht grub loaded i would have gone right to the drives and looked into that direction of them not being bootable. I really like this dristro because it basicly has everything i need for my offline needs so i really didnt want to use another distro.

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