Interested in the 2 user different DE option

OK, from kde to Cinnamon here is how you do it.

General instructions on how to install an additional desktop can be found here.

Here are the specifics for your situation:

sudo pacman -S cinnamon cinnamon-wallpapers cinnamon-sounds gnome-terminal manjaro-cinnamon-settings adapta-maia-theme kvantum-manjaro vibrancy-icons-teal

You will get a message about replacing manjaro-kde-settings with manjaro-cinnamon-settings, press 'Y'

Create a new user replacing "bob" with the username:
sudo useradd -mG wheel bob
Please note this puts the new user in the wheel group which essentially provides admin rights as your original user would have had.

Reboot. At the login screen, select the new user and select Cinnamon. Then login.

Going forward, use your original user for kde and the new user you create for cinnamon.

You may lose some theming in KDE but you can just go into settings and apply it.

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I can't access the link. It's probably a wifi problem from my side.

I edited in a summarized versions of the instructions, specific to your scenario, in the post above.

If you have any problems let us know. There are sometimes issues when installing a second desktop but they are usually resolvable pretty easily.

Thank you for your time. I shall begin my new adventure :slight_smile:

One last Q. Will the 2 users be able to share the same folders?

Yes, there are multiple ways to achieve this, one way is to use symlinks and put them in the same primary group.

If you think of the HOME folders, no.
You have to

  • setup another share folder, outside the users' home folders,
  • give group permissions to a group in which all "same" users belong, i.e "users" and
  • give rw (read/write) permissions to the group for this folder, recursively

You may have to change/repair those permissions some times, but it can work.

It may be best to do it like this wiki

One way to inter-operate, NOT absolutely faultless is here

A relative Tutorial

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I wouldn't share the home folder itself because that will cause the same problems as using one account.

You can share the subfolders where you keep data like Documents/Music/Pictures/Downloads

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Yes, I meant folders like downloads, Pictures, Documents...etc...
So I am ok?

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If you want to do it once, I suggest you spend some time reading, so you understand the different approaches and factors. Mainly about permissions and how they change after each edit. Do some tests and make your decision with more confidence.


Thank you. I will not rush into a decision as I usually do. I appreciate your candor.

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My advice would be to try the DE with the second user without sharing files at first. See if you like it.

If you do, then you can work on sharing files.

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as a temporary solution, I installed Manjaro Cinnamon alongside KDE, and I have synced my browsers and use dropbox as a 'common' download area. I am not planning to stay with this config but rather try the 2 user solution on another laptop and experiment before I try it on this one.

How do you like Cinnamon so far?

Cinnamon is fantastic, I had tried it earlier and fell in love with it. I just like KDE a little more :wink:

I run a small Centos dedicated server, I'm thinking of syncing my documents and downloads there instead of dropbox. I already have the server and space, might as well do it. Now just to find the right script.


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Just looking it up, it sounds like exactly what I need!

There is also a gui version, grsync.

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