Internet Connection Preventing Computer From Suspending

Hello. So, I've been trying to find other solutions for this, and nothing has worked. Most of what I've seen though is just based on lid closing activity. Mine seems to be a bit more complex than that, as it seems having an active network connection is preventing suspend, both from closing lid and manually telling the computer to suspend. I tested having the NIC turned off, having it on but not connected to a network, and having it connected to a network, and only being connected to the network is preventing suspension. I've also noticed that this is occurring on all linux distros I've tried, both arch and debian based. Was not an issue on windows though.

I'm fairly new to Linux as well, so I'm not sure what's useful info to know or how to obtain it, so please let me know what might be helpful. I did at one point find a script that worked for a bit by shutting off the NIC when suspend starts, then turning it back on when leaving suspend, but then at some point it stopped working and left the NIC off.

You need to write a service to shut down all your network components prior to suspend, and reload all your network components after resuming.

Search these terms on the forum:

Systemd suspend resume service file

There are many other posts on this topic if you search the forum.

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