Internet has become really slow


Been Dual Booting Manjaro for a while now and all of a sudden my internet got 10x slower on Manjaro then it is on my windows platform(Tested Windows internet speeds and got my normal results). Not sure what I did or how I can fix it since I like being on Manjaro more then windows.

WiFi or ETH, what is speed in Windows what in Manjaro, pc or laptop, same room or different....
Did you try to restart router

I use Wired Ethernet and I have a desktop, Speed of Windows was Download 300 Megabits and upload was 15 Megabits. On Manjaro it is 30 Megabits Download and 1 Megabit upload. I also tested the speed of my cellphone on wifi and got about the same as my windows partition on my desktop. Edit: Also I did try resetting the router


Been looking around and found this post Internet working slower than on Windows 10, definitely not bias! looked at the answer to the problem tried it and it seem to fix it back to my normal speeds

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