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I forked an old antiX project and fiddled with it. It's a basic GUI using yad with various shell scripts that can be run. Some things work, some don't. I'd appreciate any tips, help or pull requests if you're bored.

If you want language translations and a desktop file, etc. you can install it via the PKGBUILD.



and add mhwd ?

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'gksu: for root shell commands'

Could it be possible to do something with PolKit instead?


Good idea!

Possibly. The commands don't even work right. I haven't messed with those yet. It was originally using gksudo in the antiX script.

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For now, I guess you could try out pkexec until you think out about a better implementation of PolKit in your program.

More info about pkexec:

nice idea, builds/runs fine. some of the commands dont work properly but you already know that. i've only used it a few minutes but these are what i noticed

  • graphics shows only my intel but not the nvidia
  • the inxi -Fxxxza --no-host opens a blank window and when closing inxi-gui it then prints the inxi info.
  • commands requiring sudo dont trigger polkit.
  • it wont close, or rather it does close but opens itself right back up afterwards so i needed to kill the inxi-gui process then close the window for it to exit.

it's a great little tool though, especially for the less experienced while learning can see what command does what. i like how it shows both the function and the command used for each function. :+1:

Try it now, I updated the command.

I have zensu installed and I get the password prompt. However, the command doesn't run: sudo: sudo fdisk -l: command not found

Strange, I can't reproduce that.

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Done! It's not very pretty as it shows the colors in the bash script escaped, though.

EDIT: Added more stuff.

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A GUI for inxi as well as for mhwd is a real cool idea.
Thank you very much for all your efforts, Yochanan!!!

Furthermore, would it be possible to implement an auto-detect function into mhwd in such way that it can recognize hardware changes before booting up and adjust the given drivers?
For example, if the graphics card has been changed (from Radeon to nVidia), the auto-detect function should deactivate the drivers 'radeon' and activate the drivers 'nouveau' instead. Or, better, it activates 'nvidia'.

Today, the Manjaro system would have problems so the X system cannot be started. A newbie without any profession in typing CLI commands could not handle with a black screen.

Wouldn't it possible to have this nice GUI ('Additional Drivers') pre-installed on the next Manjaro release?
The screenshot is from Ubuntu.


Thank you very much for everything!
Yours sincerely,

That's a good idea, however it's not related to this topic. You should post that in #manjaro-development:feature-request instead. :wink:

Manjaro already handles transitions between nouveau, amdgpu/radeon and intel correctly. Other graphics devices require installation using MHWD, although this is handled automatically WHILE INSTALLING manjaro. MHWD does not run without explicit user consent after the system has been installed.

... Why? We already have the MHWD gui :thinking:


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