IRC Team applications open

As part of the work to improve the IRC channel we now need an active, worldwide team to help keep it running smoothly. I don't expect anyone to be active 24/7, but would like enough people to get a good time zone coverage.

If you would like to help run the IRC channel please contact me with a brief application:

  • IRC nick
  • Time zone
  • Approximate amount of time you can offer
  • Roughly when during the day you'd be active/available (based on UTC)
  • What experience you have of using IRC or being an op
  • An outline of how you think the channel should be run (e.g. what's your approach to moderation?)
  • How you've helped the community so far
  • Links to any evidence (forum or IRC logs)
  • Any other supporting information, e.g. recommendations from other community members

You can contact me via forum PM, email {my username} (either of these preferred), by /query when I'm on IRC, or just by memoserv.

If anyone would like to nominate or otherwise support another person please contact me in the same way.

Existing forum "staff" use this thread instead:


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