Is discobot fast asleep ?

Hi everyone,

I received a private message from "System" eight days ago asking me to

Reply to this message with @discobot start advanced tutorial to find out more about what you can do.

I have done just that... many times... and nothing ever happened. Am I doing anything wrong ? Or is @discobot down ?


@discobot start advanced tutorial



I currently know how to do the following things:

@discobot start {name-of-tutorial}

Starts an interactive tutorial just for you, in a personal message. {name-of-tutorial} can be one of: tutorial, advanced tutorial.

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 3, 6

@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: There are no failures. Just experiences and your reactions to them. — Tom Krause

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: You may rely on it

In other words, he's awake :slight_smile:

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Well thank you for trying ! I'm not as lucky as you are :

Still nothing happens !
Of course I did all this by replying to the received private message as suggested.

I will try it directly from here :

so, please, @discobot start advanced tutorial

Take one from mine :wink:




Thanks :smiley:
I'll use gimp to replace your name on those certificates with mine. That will send me directly to the manjaro forum jail.

Just to clarify things : I don't care about those badges or certificates... Last time I got excited about receiving a badge was more than fourty years ago as a boy scout. Frankly (I hope I won't offend anyone) I find all this a bit childish.

The tutorial, on the other hand, could be interesting... I guess I'll never know.
I can't believe I'm the first user on this forum to be discobot blocked ? Anyone found a way to make @discobot respond to his/her desperate cry for help ? :confused:

@discobot display help

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Well, you don't need the certificate but two years ago I visited this "Discourse" forum for the first time and didn't know what to do.
At the beginning I hated it, now I think all the others are stupid :smiley: incl. reddit.

With the bot one gets to know all functions of the forum, except you :wink: , of course.
At the successful conclusion there is a certificate but I didn't know that at that time.

Because it didn't cost anything I kept it :wink:

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if you're doing it in a private message to discobot, i don't think you need the @discobot at the beginning.

Well, @steanne suggestion didn't work but it gave me an idea. Instead of writing in a reply to the message I had received by 'system' I wrote a new message directly to 'discobot'.

Believe it or not, discobot didn't understand my query so it offered some help :

I didn't believe my eyes : that idiot of a bot didn't reply to me previously because I was asking in English ; it seems it wants me to speak French !

Why did I ask in English ? Well because the message I had received was in English :

So I will try in French, I bet it will work.


Now it did work after my query in French ! And I received my certificate...
Certificat de réussite de l'utilisateur avancé
in English !

Now I'm afraid it isn't valid : wrong language ! :crazy_face:
I come from a country where many languages are spoken and language usage is often tricky and sensitive. But never have I encountered such nonsense as this :smile:

Seriously now : is there a way to report bugs to this forum ?

Summary of the bug
  • In my preferences, I chose the language of the interface as French.
  • I receive a message by 'System' in English telling me to ask discobot for a tutorial in English.
  • I do it and get no reply. I do it in French and discobot replies.

Of course it is great that Manjaro forum wants to speak one of my languages. But

  1. I cannot find any good reason at all for discobot refusing to reply (in any language it chooses) when I ask it something in English, a language it obviously understands.
  2. If the system decides that because I have chosen one language every communication must be done in that language (silly really considering that most people in the world speak more than one language) than why did it speak to me first in a different language?

I insist on one thing : I didn't change my language setting between System's message in English and my query to discobot.

Anyway, I hope this message doesn't sound too vindictive. The quality of a forum does not lie in these technical details but in the in good will of its participant. Thanks to all.


Only those who pass this particular hurdle are worthy to make the test. :smiley:
It is not a bug, it is a feature. :wink:

I mark it solved :slight_smile:

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You need to go to an official translator and get a translation with a stamp from the court or any local embacy of a country with English as an official language.

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present for Philm, twice certificat for next year

?? work for me if I paste url in my browser but not in this links ???


merci @Shadoko grace à toi j'ai gagné un certificat qui fera grande impression dans la salle à manger

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Now this is gonna cost me a lot. I understand now about the hidden cost of using free software. That's it. I've had enough. I'm going back to Windows !


Surtout s'il est en anglais ! Genre j'ai fait une Ă©cole internationale, moi !

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