Is it better to upgrade system with tty2, terminal app or using package manager especially for display drivers?

When I install Manjaro KDE 18.0.4 stable and update (includes plasma and display driver updates) it using either a package manager or terminal emulator like konsole, after restarting the PC the graphics quality becomes a bit worse but the graphic quality is still okay when I log off and use tty2 to update and whether I isolate the or not (when switching back to tty1 the login screen refreshes) the outcome is till the same. Will I have to use tty2 to upgrade the system especially for graphics drivers and plasma desktop updates?

Normally not necessary unless you're being told explicitly in the 'announcements' thread to run the update in a TTY.
But you can still do so, it doesn't hurt.
For systemd updates, I always go to runlevel 3 (


I have a Nvidia graphics card GTX 970.
Almost every time, when the Nvidia driver is updated, then I need to reboot the computer via console with "reboot" as root.

I update the system with pacman -Syyu on console.

updates have a higher failure rate using GUI package managers. terminal is better, TTY is best.

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