is it possible to build rasbian steam-link for use on pc?

currently i can only find the steam link app on android or rasbian. i know very little of ARM so im asking here. my intention is to see if it's possible to build the rasbian steamlink for use on x86/64 because it has features that steam for linux/windows/mac dont have, mainly h265 for steam remote play.

@strit am i wasting my time?

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If it has a source to compile it should be possible.

If you only have a .deb file with binaries in it, you are out of luck, since those will be built for armv7h.

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thanks, i'll see what i can find.

guess not, all i can find is the steamlink-sdk

and the .deb file for steam link. thats too bad, i have a cloud hosted gaming rig and i wanted to use the steamlink app to access it. right now it's a gtx1080 rig so i use moonlight but i was planning on changing the rig to a ryzen 9 3900x/5700XT but then i'd be stuck with parsec and it's limited 4:2:0 color. i guess im going with 3900x/rtx2080. thanks for saving me some time

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