Is it possible to install the open source drivers for an AMD GPU from live environment?

Hello there!

I recently convinced a friend to switch to Manjaro, CSGO wasn't working and a person in the forums recommended to install the proprietary drivers, doing so now just lands him on an infinite black screen when trying to boot, is it possible for him to just boot into the live environment from a USB and install the open source drivers again from there?

System information from steam(before switching to proprietary drivers):

Yes, use it to chroot and install the drivers using mhwd.

Or you might be able to boot into the system in text-mode or switch to a text console normally.

So when he boots into the live environment on the USB, he can launch the command line and run this?
sudo mhwd -a pci free 0300

No. That will perform the operation in the live environment, not on the installed OS.

You either need to use a chroot, or boot the installed OS in text-only mode and run it directly there.

Take that as lesson not to believe everything you read.

There are NO valid proprietary drivers for AMD. What you probably installed was 'catalyst' .. which is a rather old, defunct proprietary driver for amd that hasnt been updated in years, and as such will force an old Xorg package, and generally mess up your install - for absolutely no benefit.

I guess now you get to learn about chroot or runlevels
But, after that, you will still need to do some dissecting,updating,etc to hopefully get to normal.
Good Luck :wink:

How do I uninstall that crap lol, lesson learned. I went into the text mode on the black screen, did mirrors -f3 and -Syuu but still black screen, also ran " sudo mhwd -a pci free 0300"

How do I uninstall that driver?

I think is
sudo mhwd -r pci video-catalyst

The script failed

Not sure why someone would recommend proprietary driver for AMD? Counter strike GO runs fine out of the box on my system. Then again I have had the best luck Steam wise using xfce.

Its a bit more involved than that, have a look around like these:

Unfortunately even when I run these two commands:

sudo rm -rf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-mhwd.conf
sudo rm -rf /etc/X11/mhwd.d/ati.conf

Nothing seems to happen, and when I do mhwd -li the catalyst driver still appears, and when I do pacman -Qs "ati|catalyst|amd|radeon" it says "package not found"

Well, thats mostly there then. (the rm commands wont say anything back, and if you find no packages, thats good)

Though apparently you still have catalyst-server .. so get rid of that

sudo pacman -Rns catalyst-server

Now about mhwd

sudo mhwd -r -f pci video-catalyst

The full screen:

Trying it now, forgot to do the command above

hm. Still we need to make sure all catalyst is gone
(and I guess force is only for reinstall, not remove? was it always like that?)

anyways, you can search for
pacman -Qqs catalyst
To find any extras
And when installing, if it asks to replace, you must say 'y' or 'yes'

when running sudo pacman -Rns catalyst-server it gives "rns not found"

Can I ask what manjaro edition you are using?

Manjaro KDE

This is what we get when that it run

-Rns apparently doesn’t exist or something

Not exits becouse you need use "pacman" pacman -Rns catalyst-server not only -Rns like your screen showed

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