Is it possible to restore files from broken partition?

First I was shrinking home partition of Manjaro to have some space for one more system. After was done I decided to remove new partition and expand Manjaro's home back. But somehow partition manager during expanding decided also to move the partition 6Mb to the right. Due the lack of time I had to interrupt. But there was some files (not important though) which would be nice to get back.
What is the easiest way to go now? Try to expand broken partition?
And would be nice to make my Manjaro boot again without complete reinstall.

Testdisk utility.


As mentioned by @tbg: now you should use the TestDisk utility to recover some of the files that you have lost.

For the future:

  • Take a full System Backup before doing things like that
  • Never be in a hurry when moving / shrinking / expanding partitions and let stuff like that run overnight.

What software did you use to manipulate the partitions ?

What software did you use to manipulate the partitions ?

It was KDE Partition manager on Kubuntu 19.10.

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Then try the software mentioned in post #2 by tbg.

I was able to save files I wanted. Thanks.


And next time: you should follow the instructions in post #3 by Fabby.


By the I tried to make the same thing again recently. But this time with good old Gparted. It does it in seconds. Not hours. With no problems. I have some minor problems with KDE Parition Manager in the past. KDE Partition manager is creepy. I wouldn't put in Manajro, but Gparted instead. What do you think, people, do you know about any statistics about those two ?

Gparted is superior to KPM for sure.

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