Is it possible to use Microsoft OneDrive in Manjaro via Wine or via Windows 10 running in a VM? How would that work and how to manage that?

I'm having some trouble making onedrive-abraunegg work and was wondering if it is possible to use Wine or Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine to do the sync (between my HDD and OneDrive). If it is possible, how would that work?

The only thing I need is to sync my files back and forth (from the computer to the cloud and from the cloud to the computer). I don't mind having to run Wine or the VM daily when I want to do that sync, I just want something reliable in which I can trust my files to.

Right now I'm considering this approach and, if that doesn't work, to give up on OneDrive for good and try Nextcloud. Leaving Linux and returning to Windows is not an option, as well as dual booting isn't.

My setup is Manjaro KDE and further software in a SSD (in the main bay) and all my files in a HDD (in the second bay with a caddy).

Edit.: it is important to note that I want my files to be always available for me in that second HDD, not only via Wine or the VM running Windows.

You can also use rclone for most cloud services. Like many people, I have several disparate cloud storage accounts, and rather than dealing with individual programs for each service, I just use rclone for all of them:

You can use rclone from the command-line to copy and/or sync (similar to rsync), or with a GUI file browser ("rclone-browser" package in Manjaro), or you can have it mount the cloud storage as a regular disk. You can also layer services, using built-in client-side encryption service on top of any storage service.

There's a bit of a learning curve, so it'll take more time than simply installing a service's customized client, but I think it's worth the effort in the long run, esp. if you end-up using it for multiple services. It's cleaner and less onerous than running Wine or an entire VM just to access files.

This guy wrote an exceptional tutorial on using rclone with encryption, although that isn't necessary for a basic setup:

Hope this helps some.

Thank you very much.

I'll give Rclone a chance (another user recommended that in Reddit, too) and will definitely read that article.


@CriptoRato - Given you do not exactly say "what" your issue is, nor have you actually raised a help request on the GitHub site asking for configuration assistance - what exactly has been your issue in trying to get it to work?

From your basic requirement - syncing files both ways - this is 100% possible in the default configuration - so I am perplexed as to "what" your actual issue is.

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Right now the problem is that, after installing and allowing it to access my account, when I paste the uri and press enter I get a --synchronize or --monitor missing from your command options or use --help for further assistance No OneDrive sync will be performed without either of these two arguments being present message.
I had tried installing it about 2 months ago and had the same problem. Now I'm on a new install (a fresh one) but got this problem again.

What's that supposed to mean? Are you using a terminal and got the command wrong?
The response you quoted clearly says to use

  • --synchronize
  • or --monitor
  • or --help (if assistance is needed)

So use one of the mentioned switches or take that --help offer and read up on them.

Hmm, I thought that mean that these commands were missing from the installation or from the code, not that they were missing from my input.

That's good to know.


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