Is lack of Proper video driver causing huge size in video files which are created with OBS/KdenLive?

Hello there,
my laptop has an Intel HD Graphics 620 . i use Manjaro Kde

as the official video driver is not( :confused: ) available in Manjaro (as it was in windows) , it may be causing some video files generated in this machine to be huge in size.
Like, when i use OBS to record screen, it generally produces the file with almost 7-8 times more size than when i use it to record on a windows laptop with same resolution and same object to be recorded.
Also , if i want to join some video files with kdenlive on manjaro, then the output file usually becomes much bigger than the total size of the input video files.(for example, 10/12 video files sized around 2/3 MB become 150+MB after joining)

one more thing, when i used to run windows, i found an option called Hardware in the Encoder section of OBS like the below the image. But after i shifted to manjaro, only Software(x264) was available, no Hardware option was present.

so, is there any encoder/video driver that i should install to resolve this issue?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Click on Output at the top pf the window. Change Simple to Advanced and configure away.

Intel is an active member of the open source community and they contribute directly to maintaining the Intel video driver in the kernel. There is nothing extra needed.

I don't know much about OBS studio to help with your video size problem but the lack of a video driver you can download is probably not the problem.

For the hardware encoding, do you have libva-intel-driver installed?

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After doing what you said, the Encoder section now contains two options x264 and FFMPEG VAAPI (software x264 is gone) . but now Hardware option.

and if i change the type to custom output (FFmpeg) then there is no option in the video encoder section like in the image.

i forgot to mention, when recording, sometimes about 15% of the upper portion of the screen flicks.

yes, the libva-intel-driver is installed

I have had less than favorable experiences with screen recording while using the Intel Video driver. You can try uninstalling xf86-video-intel through Pamac, reboot, test, and if you still have issues reinstall. For me, default mode-setting works best for recording the screen. My laptop is also Intel Graphics 620.

is there any side-effects of uninstalling xf86-video-intel ?

I assume you only have Intel video in your machine? No other graphics cards and/or using something like Optimus?

I have never had any trouble with this on my Thinkpads, but just to be sure you may want to make a backup and read man pamac and man mhwd, if you haven't already, so you can fix stuff from the command line. Removing the Intel driver simply sets the system to use the modesetting driver.

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