Is ManjaroARM compatible with Pi B+?

As the title implies, the new Pi 3B+ model runs on 64bit architecture (ARMv8) and there seems to be just a few distros that support this new setup (Arch being one of them but still releasing patches to the Pi).

Question would be: is ManjaroARM also compatible as well?
Not in the sense that "it runs" which of course does, but more like "does it support the hardware as well" sense. Some users report lack of drivers and other stuff in general.

Again, thanks for all the help.

A quick search came up with many links, here's a few.

the new Pi 3B+ model

No. Being new there would only be very limited support.

Regarding the support for the rpi b+ aarch64 architecture we support it just as well as Arch Linux ARM does. Meaning that if the hardware works on Arch, it works on Manjaro.

The Manjaro ARM rpi3 images have been aarch64 based for almost a year now. And while some addon stuff does not work correctly, like most DAC's etc, almost all onboard hardware does function.
The only thing Arch claims to not be working properly on the board itself, is the VideoCore 3D acceleration drivers. They are only available on the armv7h platform.

thanks for all the info guys.

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