Is MX Linux really that popular?

No offence, but I generally didn't see anybody using MX Linux in my circle and from the past 1 year, I see that MX Linux is on top at Distrowatch. Is MX Linux really that popular? Do you use it? If yes, how's your experience with it?

It would appear so. I often see references to it in the Usenet discussion groups about Ubuntu and Mint.

That said, I don't know whether it has surpassed either Ubuntu or Mint in popularity, and those two have already for many years been the sweethearts of (Windows-using) computer magazine editors. :man_shrugging:

Nope. :stuck_out_tongue: For that matter, I've also never used either of the *buntus or Mint. :wink:

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  1. Distrowatch means about nothing in terms of "popularity". A "popular" OS will be loaded by total newbies, none of them ever heard about distrowatch.

  2. If you want to have some insights on a distro users population, check their forums. Forum user population are in logical correlation with global user figure.

MX forums are just anecdotical. (btw Mint forum are also tiny, Mint is really overstated)

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So to answer the OP's question, it might be most popular among Newbies. :wink:

Never tried MX Linux myself. Installed it once on VM to have a look at it, but idk, I didn't like it somehow and erased the VM rather quickly.

It might be interesting for non-newbies though, since they offer an i368-Edition which most Linux distros got rid of lately.

No, but they have a lot of real fans some of whom regularly click the distro on distrowatch and also promote the distro through other channels. I personally like the distro as well. I used to test their alpha and beta ISOs and translate their custom applications into German.


Obviously they must click on distrowatch more time than the latest crop of Manjaro users do, Lol
That was how Manjaro got to the top of the distrowatch crop ? :wink:

For Manjaro there might be at least a reason, to check which package versions are the latest. But I agree and hope that those clickers either changed their habits or hopped to a different distro.

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Part of the explanation could be that it is one of the few distros that still has a 32-bit version. I have tried it and found it both good and beginner friendly.

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Mx has honed its tools stuck with its priorities and is a very worthy No1 it also had its roots set a long time ago, and has just kept to its principles. Something others should learn.


Does it really matter what distro is the most popular or least?

The most important thing is what a user feel abaout a distro, what works for him/her and the overall user experience.

Some will find a home in Manjaro, others in Ubuntu, Mint, MX Linux or others. There is no one fit for all in Linux.

The best way to know what a distro is all about is to try it out for yourself in a WM or installed on disk. Spend some time with it. If you feel like, join thier forum to get a feel about its community. No one else can tell you any better than what you can find out by yourself.


MX and Manjaro have been my mainstays and workhorses for a long time.

Manjaro: since around 2013 (maybe end 2012, can't recall now!).

MX: since the first release in 2014, but I was on Mepis a long time before that. I don't care about its popularity. It's reliable and I trust the people behind the Mepis (now MX) forum who became the devs of MX.


Actually, I recall now that I have more than "tried it". I used for a couple of years on a Toshiba A30 laptop (year 2003) until the height of summer last year. It was easy to install and it did not take me long time to put it into a shape that I liked. It comes with a bunch of little GUI tools to configure this and that. Also reliable. I have a vague memory of an update that once went wrong, but with an easy fix.

I used Mepis It did more for Linux than it got credit for in the early years like auto-mounting, ease of use, installation, and setting up, but the creator got ill and had to pass Mepis over to the forum members and they have kept his work alive with MX.

I prefer anything which packages are rolling, otherwise the heavy weight of fixing bugs falls on the distro and goes against quality.

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I'm not sure if Warren (Mepis' creator) fell ill or just became too busy with his real work that put food on his table, but how he viewed the need for a distro to have user friendly tools did influence MX a lot.

And antiX was originally based on Mepis as well, but through years of evolution and development, it's now very much its own thing. MX uses antiX's live USB and snapshot tools.

You can see the Mepis heritage in the MX tools, as Mepis was ahead of its time for its user-friendly tools, called "Assistants". The MX Tools have expanded beyond the original Assistants.

It looks horrible I am going to install it.


Do you like horrible looking things? :smiley:

No I am just curious why it is that popular. Maybe it has some windows theme :slight_smile:

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The wallpapers are cool I must admit, you can check them out on their website as well. :slight_smile:

And actually, you're right. I think the default teheming is horrible as well. That's the reason why I erased the VM back then if I remember correctly. - Didn't play with the themeing though.
Probably should have though.
well, let's see, maybe I'll do so some day in the near future.

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