Is OpenRC install "minimalist"? Copy over old "home" from regular manjaro?

Hello, these questions are from a noob perspective. I will be doing a new install, I had an update interrupted then upon completion system would not boot [after valiant repair efforts by forum].

I tried a Manjaro netinstall a while back [really like the idea], couldn't handle it. I lost patience having to research a bunch of needed stuff that was missing. Went back to regular full install. As a noob a lot of it was that I would be unsure of what I even needed to look for.

I need things to be up and running for business purposes.

Is the OpenRC a "full" install, or do you have to customize it with what you need?

Can I install my old regular Manjaro home folder contents into an OpenRC install or does it not work that way?

Or, at minimum, how about my old Firefox and Palemoon profiles?

On another note, I am very interested in Void Linux, and found an excellent install tutorial here:

However, I may try dabbling with that on another machine as I need to be up and running quickly. If the Manjaro OpenRC also requires a bunch of tweaking post install I may have to leave it be for now.
thanks for any info

It should be no problem to copy the contents of the home folder to another home folder. If the username is different you have to run a chown command on the copied folder. But better do it only with the browser folder. Change appearance things with GUI.

What is crucial with a rolling distro like Manjaro is to have a backup of the system. You sadly experienced yourself that an update can break the system.

OpenRC mostly works out of the box, but it is important to learn how it works:
However many parts of the wiki article are not relevant anymore, because manjaro now uses elogind instead of consolekit.

Thanks eugen-b, I may give it a go [OpenRC]. "But better do it only with the browser folder." Are you suggesting that I only copy over my old browser folders/profiles, nothing else? Then make further changes with GUI?

I think maybe I'm not sure what exactly would appear from the complete old home folder.

Maybe the .cache/mozilla folder, too. If you have an email client - copy that folder, too.
Of course, copy you folders with the data you need, Documents, Downloads, Pictures. Copy the data to an external device to make sure so you don't lose them, because installation can be complex. I remember I used to read the User Guide before attempting my first install.

Ask, if you have questions! :slight_smile:

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You can try this version, it has most of the basic things pre-configured:

After installation you could manually copy paste the parts of your old config that you need like Firefox and Palemoon profiles.

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