Is pamac-qt no longer maintained ?

Is pamac-qt no longer maintained ? It doesn't support new pamac versions as its dependency list says pamac-common<9.4.0
I never used it, but wanted to give a try.


It looks like the project is more or less dead, considering that the last commit on Gitlab was three months ago and that as far as I know, it has not kept up with the evolution of the original Pamac.


If this package is not actively maintained anymore, will the Manjaro team consider to take it over, considering it's potential to become an official QT-based GUI package manager? In that case, it may guarantee the consistency of logic and functionality.


pamac-qt is back!
It is labeled as per-release version.
Nice UI.

It didn't stop working, however if you compare the two it seems that apart from the theming being qt, it's still a way behind.

Interestingly mine doesn't show snaps or flatpaks...

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The task for the developer of the qt-frontend is the rapidly changing pamac api plus the fact the developer has a personal life and work or studies. The rapid changes of any api will make it a pain for a developer to keep up.

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pamac was the original Manjaro developed package manager - now pamac-gtk
pamac-cli was added next
development of pamac-qt started with this post - Pamac-QT - a new QT5-UI for libalpm

Yes, currently if I use pamac I use the GTK version, if using the GUI then I'd like to see all available options (good or bad) but the QT is still there - wait 'n see.

Personal life is a PITA, even with simple stuff like toilet, or family insisting that you talk to them more than 1 minute each day :rofl:

Isn't it possible to use KDE Discover for the task, instead of reinventing the wheel?

You certainly can use discover but there are some challenges.

Discover uses packagekit as an interface for package management. This presents some challenges.

  • There is a good packagekit backend for the repos, flatpak and snap
  • There is no packagekit backend for the AUR
  • packagekit doesn't support any kind of manual intervention which is often needed on Manjaro, especially for AUR packages

Right, but my point is, that introducing such functionality in Discover, is less work wasted than maintaining Pamac-Qt.

You can't introduce it in discover. pkgkit deliberately doesn't support any kind of manual intervention by design.

Discover is a KDE-specific program, whereas pamac is created and maintained directly by the Manjaro team. You need quite a number of KDE-specific dependencies to run Discover, and I don't know how well it'd work on non-KDE machines. KDE isn't the only DE people use that uses Qt. Whereas pamac-qt works on any machine.

libpamac API is more or less stabilized for now as far as I can see. Will return back to work on it during the August I hope


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