Is the "base" hook needed in mkinitcpio.conf (if using systemd instead of udev)

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Don't think "base" is needed at least I have removed it?

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I would advise against removing base - everything before autodetect is mandatory - after is on a per available base.

Can you let us know where this is documented?
as well as saying it's needed unless ......
it says "Provides a busybox recovery shell when using systemd hook" not needed as I don't use busybox.

You might need it if something goes wrong during early boot. Base hook enables you to use emergency shell to diagnose and troubleshoot when for example your root partition fails to mount or the like.

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Systemd hook replaces base, udev and resume hooks. You need either base OR systemd hook but not both. I usually use systemd hook without base hook.

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I also use systemd hook. I understand that in that case base hook is optional (not needed for boot) but useful (provides recovery shell).

Provides a busybox recovery shell when using systemd hook

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that was my understanding as well, which is why I left it.

having base doesn't adversely affect anything as far as I can tell

Learning something new - thank you!

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