Is there a command to open openbox menu?

I have PCManFM managing my desktop currently in Openbox, so when I right-click the desktop, it doesn't open the openbox menu anymore.

I was wondering what the command is to launch the openbox menu so that I can make it attached to a hotkey to open it.

I hope there is one, if not, is there alternative to open the openbox menu?

If you are referring to the root menu you can configure the right-click menu in pcmanfm to show the root-menu.

If you are using the community edition - there is already a shortcut defined SuperSpace.

If you want to edit rc.xml - the internal command is root-menu. Place it in the keyboard section like this - compose the short to your liking

    <keybind key="W-space">
      <action name="ShowMenu">

Still the community edition

  • rofi menu AltF2
  • jg menu AltF1

root-menu was what I was looking for!

Did not know this. Just found this information the PCManFM Arch Wiki page after I read this.

The native desktop menu of the window manager will be replaced with that provided by PCManFM. However, it can easily be restored from the PCManFM menu itself by selecting Desktop preferences and then enabling the Right click shows WM menu option in the Desktop tab.

Thanks for this!

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