Is there a limit on how many Likes a user can give?

Strange but I just liked someone's post and I get a pop up telling me that I only have a few Likes left today.... Why is there a limit?

I think the cap is 50 like a day. It for a badge you can get. It kind of lame if you put yourself through this.


Sometimes / frequently though the software goes bonkers & warns the user of no more Likes left, only minutes after beginning a new day's / night's session. It's exasperating, & the only known technical solution is to scream at the screen then throw cushions at it.

Oddly, that solution somehow often fails, so the fallback option til you get your Likes back, is to lick instead.


In these zombie-apocalypse days, this strikes me as extremely hazardous. Thanks forum software!


Who does 50 or more likes anyways?

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IDK, You can ask why @Kadee been so like heavy at times?
Maybe they just like the statement or comment. They agree with that person. Or they find it really funny.


I think it’s also meant to prevent like spamming. Sometimes in the glorious land of the internet, you can make some overzealous fans. It would be quite annoying if that exact same person were to like every single post you make and you got a notification each time. Though discourse has a setting to fix this.

Also, back when I wrongly imprisoned myself in Zuckerberg land, a common technique of phishing scammers was to create a fake female profile and then spam like every post you made public, or every single thing you post if you were stupid enough to accept the request, in an effort to start a conversation and steal your information. (I never did, had a friend who fell for it once though.)

I once reported one of these profiles and nothing was done, so yeah. Glad I freed myself.

What information could a scammer get from a user in a private conversation if the user didn't provide it? I'm not dumb enough to post Credit/Debit card details on a online forum...

Theres a myriad of ways. Thats what fishing is all about.
For example - first gain trust, then share malicious link, access to fb account granted, triage that next to email and location and password etc .. you might be able to get bank account rather quickly.
just an example.

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Suckers. I hope they like overdraft fees. Go ahead, take my accounts.

Well in my case, I don't use Facebook, use different Email for business purposes and don't do online banking at all...

There more you limit yourselves the less technical limits there need to be.

I Promptly return to stone age


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