Is there a top menu bar which can add to my top panel on KDE?

Does KDE have a top menu bar

Is there a way now?

Top bar is just a regular panel moved up.Feel free to create it and customize as you like


You mean there is a way to move menu bar of an application like konsole to the panel, like picture above?

Right mouse click on any place of the interface >>> Add widget >>> Global Menu >>> drag to panel.


Thanks a lot!

You are welcome. Fell free to also check these other alternatives and complements by the great @psifidotos


Yes, I'm using latte-dock, also great which I installed an hour ago. As there is a bug for manjaro's latte-dock. I downloaded and installed the latest from Archlinux.

Hi, does your global menu worked with pycharm or clion?

I've installed appmenu-gtk-module-0.7.1-1 appmenu-qt4-0.2.6-2 libdbusmenu-glib 16.04.0-3 libdbusmenu-gtk2 16.04.0-3 libdbusmenu-qt4 0.9.3+16.04.20160218-2 libdbusmenu-qt5 0.9.3+16.04.20160218-2

and I've added to /opt/pycharm-professional/bin/

But doesn't work.

I've created a new topic here

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