Is there a way to change default shell without using terminal?


I might have screwed up yesterday. I wanted to test another shell, but accidentally changed my default shell (bash) to git-shell I believe (I am actually unsure). Anyways, now I can't open the terminal and I don't know any ways other than using it to change it back. I have tried writing an .sh file with

chsh -s /bin/bash

in it and it actually opens me the terminal with bash running in it, but if I open an other window of the terminal, it still won't work, furthermore on restart git-shell remains the default terminal.

Is there a way I could get my computer to take me seriously after this screw up?

Thanks in advance!

You can install a GUI tool for user management or edit the file /etc/passwd and find the line for your user in it.

You could also create a new user and use that user to fix the shell in your first user.

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Thank you, this helped me a lot! It worked out.

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