is there any interest in Allwinner H6?

I'm thinking to give my Manjaro ARM capable tv box to my parents (no not with Manjaro).

And am looking what I should get instead and am not really sure what to get. I'm quite fond of @jernej's work for Libreelec on the H6. Further to all the other blob-freeness and the open VPU there is also the crust firmware for the embedded controller for powering up by key-press.

Thus I'm quite intrigued by the thought of manjaro on let's say an orangepi 3 for about 40$

Alternative would be rk3399 or odroid c4 I guess...

What do you fellow manjarians (is this the official term? :stuck_out_tongue: ) think?

There is ongoing work for the Odroid C4

Thanks, not yet sure if I want to go towards another amlogic SOC. Thus my question to the fellow community members.

Really loving the way the sunxi community is liberating Allwinner, a similar effort seems to go on on rk3399 (pbp and others).

Hey @diego0815,

For the last two weeks I've been trying to get Manjaro-ARM running on my Pine H64 (sporting the Allwinner H6) with the purpose of using it as a mediaplayer connected to my TV (and thus 4K-playback capable). See this thread here on the forum for more info :slight_smile:

Summary of that thread: installing Manjaro-ARM went very smooth and easy, and I got it running with software GPU/VPU drivers (fbturbo). Framerates where not very good though and video playback was not really possible. When attempting to using the Panfrost GPU and Cedrus VPU drivers my TV was unfortunately no longer recognized and Xorg crashes on startup. Per @spikerguy's suggstion I'm now in the process of manually adding the EDID of my TV to my xorg.conf to see if that helps, will probably do that later today.

In the meanwhile I've downloaded this Libreelec nightly build for the H64 to see how that runs, and it's just great. Video playback is super smooth, even 4K content (10-bit HEVC encoded). Downside is that I won't be able to use the H64 for anything else (browsing, music playback, etc.) so that feels kind of restricted.

If there's anything you'd like to know please ask. Cheers!

Cool thanks @p1x3l3d

Will check it out in the evening.

Usually @jernej the developer of that LE image is very helpful also when you ask how to port his achievements to other distributions. I'm running his LE on an H3 based Beelink X2 and it's definitely a great thing, but yepp its no real linux experience, but for that box that's ok, just thinking about an H6 for further experiments. Just sad I'm sucking a bit in the fields of making linux run on new platforms :wink:

Here's the thread over at LE:

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I'm suggesting using @p1x3l3d's PineH64 thread to coordinate Allwinner H6 development.

Just thinking if I should order a board, as im having a couple of things from China/Aliexpress not arriving those days, or if I better wait for a bit...

RK & AW have always been ahead of AML but AML is also catching up.
If you're looking for high performance to build apps which are not available in the repo then I'd advice on RK3399 or A311D soc I do not have much experience with allwinner except for A64 so I cannot advice on H6 while I will be receiving my H5 based soc soon so I can test and see if I can get vpu to work on it.

Make sure that you have a wifi onboard which have good support in linux or you might have to wait to get a working wifi if the device is using latest wifi chip.

BTW which h6 devices are you considering ?

Well as far as I can see on LE H5 was a bit of a step child compared to H3 and H6 or A64 which got recently a boost due to pine64.

I was looking at the orangepi range of boards: one plus, lite2 and PC 3. But if you compare features vs price I guess an orangepi PC 3 is the best, 2GB RAM, BRCMFMAC WLAN (me avoiding rtl) and 8GB emmc built-in at 47$ incl. shipping. It also is one of the last remaining H6 boards with a mini-pcie slot, now as @icenowy is making progress on the driver front, fixing broken hw with virtualization. Also the GPU is a T7xx no 400 and the VPU is capable of decoding h.265 10bit.

The good thing compared to Amlogic is the sunxi community, Olimex and to a certain extent also bootlin and of course the fool proof boot process, defaulting to the SD card, without toothpick voodoo and one guy constantly blaming you ran the wrong distro.

RK3399 is interesting, but for most things not absolutely required and honestly I don't know the people around it yet as I do from observing Allwinner from years, but definitely that will one day add to my collection of junk lying around the TV or maybe a PBP.


Do you feel so? I feel like from kernel 5.2 on the changelogs are always very quiet on amlogic side except maybe for a bit 922 stuff. Maybe I m not aware what's going on behind the scenes? After all mainlining is no easy task and often many patches are rejected but available in some git repo.

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