Is there any way to translate the Manjaro website?

The website of Manjaro is English only, I hope there is a way to translate this website.

It was worked on in the git repo some time ago. Don't know the status of it though.

Have you tied using chrome and setting the options for auto translation as listed here?:


i didnt know that was a baked in feature. i've been using the "Mate Translate" extension for this. :+1:

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I haven't installed any chrome or chromium.
Asked for interest, does this also work with chromium?
I know that my data at "Alphabet Inc." is in safe hands ... :smiley:

not sure, i use vivaldi and firefox

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I can't see a reason it won't

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we should do some localization,so non-english speakers can benefit from site more easily.especially for wiki and how- to-guide pages.

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