Is there doc, wiki, video on using the forum

Is there doc or a wiki or a video that explains the various features and icons, or how to use the forum efficiently? If there is doc, just point me :slight_smile:

Some of the questions I have are:

Can I expand the entire thread/topic right away so I don't have to click the down arrow to see a Reply or the full message?

How can I get to the bottom (last entry) of a specific thread/topic quickly rather than scrolling?

When I look at a Category's Topic list, what do the icons mean after the Topic's title? Please see item F in the image below? I know the icons represent users, but why are they there?

What does a green bell mean verses gray? Please see item D & E.

In item A, what does the up-arrow mean next to the down arrow?


Send a message to @discobot.


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Click here:

Those are the avatars of people who have posted in the topic. The first one is the original poster. There are tooltips if you hover over them.


Where do you see that?

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You could have answered a good deal of those questions yourself just be hovering your mouse over the icons in question and reading the tooltip or via "learning by doing" and actually clicking on an icon..

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I think I got the quoting above right. I see on the toolbar that there is "quote whole post" and "block quoting". I was wondering how dalto made such a visually appealing reply. And I just found out rather than clicking "block quoting", that you can actually select the text you want to quote and click the popup text, "Quote". Wow!

As for Item A, two up arrows. The hover does say collapse/expand and go to quoted post. Sometimes the arrows are aligned horizontally and sometimes vertically, don't know why. I should be able to maneuver more easily now and figure it out.

I didn't realize how the scroll mechanism worked on the right. This will make a huge difference, and now that I know how it works, I'll pay more attention to it. I was only using the browser's scrollbar.

The guidance here was very helpful and opened my eyes to the forum features. Many thanks.

I did hover or try (isn't this true for all linux users :-)),... but I ended up with more questions.

Last, is there a way to expand an entire thread/topic, so all arrows would show collapse?

I went through the discobot tutorial and advanced tutorial.

  1. Can private message topics be deleted or can they only be archived?

I have 5 private message topics now:
a) my first message
b) display help
c) start tutorial
d) ooops error
e) start advanced tutorial.

I'd like to delete a, b, d and keep c and e.

  1. I sent my first message to discobot, but clicking on @discobot in the response given by @Marte and then clicked message, message. A link to this topic was sent and discobot responded by saying I could send a personal message with "display help".

I created a message each time with display help, start tutorial and start advanced tutorial.

Is there a way I could have communicated with discobot with only one private message topic?

I believe that conversations can only be archived.

I see what you mean. The marker on the left means it is expanded when pointing up and collapsed when pointing down. Clicking it toggles that state. The arrow on the right is a link that takes you to the quoted post so you can read the whole thing.

Yeah, it is a great feature but not at all obvious how it works.

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