Is there maia theme in KDE and if so where?

Is there a maia theme under Manjaro KDE?

Because breath does not seem like what I remeber

This is an extremely vague question.

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In every theme setting there is, there is no theme named maia, only breeze, breath, breeze light & dark, ,air and oxygen etc...

There are a few things that have changed which I don't like

Guessing from the themes you mentioned, you are using KDE. The default Manjaro theme on KDE is called "Breath", not "Maia" (as in XFCE, i think?).

Please consider to provide a little more info when starting a new thread next time, so that everybody can fully understand your issue and find possible culprits more easily.
A good place to look what information might be useful is this thread:

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Hmm. Breath seems to have changed then.
When I highlight icons on the desktop, the background around them is black, not green like (I think?) it used to be.

In Maia's github repository viewitem.svgz is all green, so they must have changed this

Updated title from Where is maia theme? > Where is the maia theme under Manjaro KDE?.


better title::
Is there maia theme in KDE and if so where??

thank you for advice

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You are right - on mouseover it is green, as soon as I click on an icon to highlight it, the square around it becomes grey.

why grey though?? couldn't they keep it green?

Legit question - no idea why not :wink:

Are you in a fresh install? Or is it an older installation, but you were swapping themes (look and feel)?

Maia theme was deprecated about a year and a half ago due to a QT update I believe which is when Breath came about.

Are you sure??

Yes, quite sure. Look at the last commits, a year ago was the most recent and that was just a patch. You can still download the package with your package manager however there will be some things that seem buggy in your KDE panels. There is an Adapta Maia desktop theme available. Alas Maia has gone the way of Menda.

I forgot, we have adapta-maia-theme, adapta-black-maia-theme, arc-maia, vertex-maia-gtk3, vertex-maia-themes, adwaita-maia-gtk3 among others now.

There is not a qt / kde equivalent in the repos however you can install it from KDE system settings.

I created this theme a while ago (simply changed the colors). I don't use it anymore but I think you're looking something like this:



That's the one I was referencing. Thanks for posting. It works quite nicely.

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I think this question is what you asked before? Desktop icons don't turn green when hovered over/clicked on

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