Is TRIM enabled by default on SSDs?

I'm rather confused about this. I found an old thread from 2018 that seemed to imply that it wasn't enabled by default.

However I'm wondering if in recent builds, it is now enabled by default.

If it is enabled, how can I check?

Running: sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda

I get: Data Set Management TRIM supported (limit 1 block)

I'm fairly sure that continuous Trim is not enabled in fstab.

Is periodic trim enabled, or do I have to enable fstrim.timer manually?

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Depends on installation (age).
Why don't you just check on your installation?

$ systemctl status fstrim.timer

I'd remove any discard mount options from /etc/fstab and enable that timer (if it's not enabled already).


Generally speaking the fstrim timer is not enabled.

But - I have noted that - at least the Manjaro Gnome ISO has the timer enabled - and since it only works for SSD's there is no penalties (at least that I know of).

Enable Trim in Manjaro:

Open a terminal and type:

$ sudo systemctl enable fstrim.timer

Exit the terminal and reboot.

This will run trim once a week.


@freggel.doe @linux-aarhus @Forza,

I just want to confirm with you guys: so there is no other form of TRIM enabled.

It has to be manually enabled by activated fstrim.timer (which is no enabled by default)

You are correct @computerhelp

You have to enable trim manually. It is not enabled by default.

This is not necessary with NVMe drives anymore?

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