Iso overwritten on external HDD

Hi everyone,
I had some conflict while updating the kernel and I had to re-install.
Long story short, I had to burn the iso image of manjaro-architect and I accidentaly did it on the external HDD where my backup was.
The HDD is 5 Tb, of which 3.5 were used, thus the image didn't overwrite but a tiny fraction of them.
I used testdisk to check and the data are still there, but cannot be restored, only copied to another memory, that I don't have.
I tried to force the restoration following these instructions:
Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the filesystems.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

If you used ext4 on the external drive - the partition table exist in several locations through the disk.

You can use test disk to recover the previous partition table.

I kept NTFS unfortunately.

The first data (ISO size) is lost.

Testdisk can recover your files by analyzing the data.

The recovery process using testdisk will not change the disk it is recovering from you have to have another disk with sufficient space to hold the recovered data.

No matter what you need an extra disk to hold the recovered data.

You can also use Hirens BootCD as it contains several useful tools for data recovery.

To write such ISO to an USB using Manjaro - read this guide


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