ISO Releases deserve a new category in Anouncements

It is not un-common that newcomers confuse ISO release naming with Manjaro system bumped versions.
In the current forum structure, they are all in the Announcements category base, no sub-category to distinguish.
With the many ISO release candidates, several Editions, multiple versions, subsequent R.C.s numbers, too many entries flood in between other announcements.
Also, either two sub-categories or tags should distinguish Final releases from RCs, including DE tagging.
The "iso" tag was once used, but today it seems inadequate, although useful, if standardized on all new topics.

Edit: To avoid old topics bumping, you may only include the most current versions to the (if decided) new category. This section (Announcements => ISOs) can be the link to-go for reviewers and ISO seeking users, as we we know can have an auto-feed and in a wider futuristic vision, can replace the main Manjaro page for ISOs introduction, eliminating the need for double posting ( a link from the main page with a large thumbnail, or wrapper block could be fine).

Thanks for listening!
Have fun! :umbrella:


What is slightly confusing is the slight release number discrepancies that happen between Community ISO releases and the main ones. I get they aren't updated as often but please can the maintainers check what the main ISO version numbers are currently before building an ISO and use them? It doesn't matter if you jump a few point release numbers and would make it easier for other users to understand that your fresh new ISO is not built with out of date packages.

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It is indeed a slight problem when I want to find an ISO announcement I have to scroll through all types of announcements.


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