Isotope Email using Docker-Need Help With Setup & Usage

I read a really interesting article at:

I've attempted to install Docker (don't know hardly anything about it, but found a couple of tutorials), and then I attempted to use the listed commands on the Git page to launch Isotope.

I keep getting errors about Docker not running. No machine found, tried to create a machine and it won't install or something like that. I like the idea of how simple Isotope is "supposed" to be, but maybe there's a better solution? Thunderbird's all fine and dandy, but I kind of like the idea of accessing my accounts this way. I'm just curious if anyone's tried this, yet?



So if you run systemctl status docker does it report that docker is running or not?

If docker isn't running try running systemctl start docker. If it started, then you can run systemctl enable docker to make docker start on boot.

If docker was running, what is the output of sudo docker ps -a

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